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09-11-2002 @ 11:13 p.m.
Rock On With My Bad Self

I sewed.

Today, I got reacquainted with my sewing machine. Or should I say I just got acquainted for the first time? I've used my sewing machine 3 or 4 times in the almost 6 years since I got it and those were for very simple things. Now I know how to change the snap-on presser feet, wind a bobbin, insert said bobbin, sew piping onto something and many other wonderful and exciting sewing things. I'm feeling so competent tonight I just might solve a polynomial equation for grins. I sewed some pieces of fabric together to go on the ottoman and damned if they didn't fit just right. I tell you, I rock.

Not only that but I wore jammie pants all freaking day. I even ventured into a convenience store wearing them. That's how I am now, having sewn. I can do freaking anything.

I might even use a power tool tomorrow.

After my annual (ok, every other year) pap smear.

I'm about halfway through with this ottoman reupholstering thang and it's going to look so bitchin' when I finish. Everyone's going to come into my house and say "My, what a bad-ass ottoman. Where'd you lay your hands on that?" and I'll smugly say that I made it myself. (Sort of. Not the wood part.)

In today's mail, I got swatches from the slipcover company I found on the net. I want new slipcovers for the couch and chair-and-a-half in the living room (not part of the denim and orange ensemble in the family room) for my birthday which is a scant month away. I'm easy to please. I'm liking the deep blue one with off-white piping but the one that looks like Asian silk in medium blue or yellow looks pretty good, too. Decisions, Decisions. I suppose I should decide on a paint color before I commit to any slipcovers. Maybe I'll just go nuts and make my own slipcovers since I'm all that and a box of pins now.

And I successfully avoided watching any of the 9/11 anniversary stuff. No babies of the WTC, no how did I feel when the towers came down (let's hope the answer to that one is obvious), none of it. I find it odd, though, that F/X suspended it's normal broadcasting in favor of playing movies all day long. And not the kind of movies you might expect--it was stuff like The Money Pit and Mrs. Doubtfire and junk like that. I'm not sure what their rationale was for that but I hope they're back to regular broadcasting tomorrow because I'm missing my daily M*A*S*H fix in a big way. I mostly listened to silence which is quite unusual for me but I was keeping such a running interior monologue while I talked myself through cutting and sewing that I didn't even realize that the house was so quiet. Except when Jamie was here to show me how to do some stuff and I made us lunch. Then there was lots of noise because we can talk our fool heads off. And we did.


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