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09-16-2002 @ 10:20 p.m.
New Friends and Domestic Bliss?

It's been a busy few days. We now have a beautiful orange ottoman with yellow piping. It turned out great. I'm amped to do the pillows now but I need more piping. I think they'll look better with it than without.

Friday I took myself antiquing. I got the old doorknobs I need for the window treatment I'm doing and then I wandered around a few other stores. I went into the kewlest antique store I've ever seen--I could have easily dropped several hundred dollars there. There were some antique radios I wanted (I have one big old one and would like to have a few more), antique telephones, victrolas, wonderful armoires and vanity tables, light fixtures/chandeliers, glassware, tables...just lots of stuff. I will definitely be revisiting that store. Oh, and I found an orange and white quilt for about $400 but I didn't buy it because I don't like to spend that much money without consulting Ed first. We generally consult one another for purchases over about $100-$150. With so many other things I need to spend money on right now, though, I doubt that $400 on a quilt is such a good idea. Oh well.

The Japanese dinner Friday night was quite delicious. I loved the cold somen and the okonomiyaki was wonderful. The rest of the stuff was good, too, but that was my favorite. Unfortunately, Russell was struck suddenly ill and disappeared at one point to go throw up and then go to bed so that part wasn't great but the rest was good. We're doing the Emilia-Romangna (sp?) region of Italy for our next.

Today I mended my comforter, ironed clothes, stripped the bed and washed my bed linens and covers and folded the rest of this weekend's laundry. If I'd have made dinner, I'd have signed myself up for a spot in Pleasantville but it was toasted deli sandwiches tonight instead so I'm not too far gone yet.

I met the most lovely couple this afternoon. They moved into the neighborhood attached to ours 8 mos. ago and their youngest is in Joey's class. It's her first year in the school as they drove their kids to their old schools through the end of last school year and Joey signed up to be her new School Buddy. They've become very good friends and they had a playdate today. The mom wanted to meet me, too, because she doesn't like her kids to go over to homes if she doesn't meet the parents first. We chatted for about 3 hours and it was wonderful. She worked at the laboratory that my brother-in-law started 12 years ago and sold 8 years ago and we know a lot of the same people. We have a lot in common including a serious love for scrapbooking. They are lovely people and I surmise that we'll all be good friends. I think I'll invite them over for dinner in a month or so. It was such a pleasant way to spend the afternoon!

Tomorrow I have some party supplies to buy and some more piping to get before I watch Delyn's little ones again for the afternoon. It will be a busy day but I'm looking forward to it.

It rained today and it looks to rain tomorrow and sprinkle most of the week. In six months I'll be sick to death of rain but at this time of year, I quite like it. It's a refreshing change of pace. (And please, you don't need to remind me I said this when I start complaining about the 20 straight days of rain in March. I'll remember and kick myself for it then.)



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