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02-17-2002 @ 8:55 p.m.

Ebay is an evil mistress. She has consumed me and drugged me and poisoned me and I cannot tell her no. When we're not together, I am thinking of her--what mysteries does she have yet to show me? Am I missing something? Is there an auction with the perfect thing that I just can't miss? When we *are* together, I'm ravenous wanting more and more and more. Don't bother me, I'm browsing. I may stumble across the perfect lot of vintage aprons that absolutely need a home in Oregon. Or that amazing vintage photograph. She is evil, I tell you. Make her stop. Oh why has she snared me in her dangerous and time consuming web? I am currently awaiting the arrival of a limoges teacup and saucer and hoping my bid on the aprons I found won't be topped. I lost out on 3 aprons when I was outbid 10 minutes before the auction ended. I could have had them for a song had I been paying better attention, but alas, I was entertaining live, 3-D people at my tapas party.

Joey is having a sleepover here with our next door neighbor. Right now they are "swimming" in the bathtub. They're wearing swimsuits and having a good old time. They've been in there about 50 minutes so it's nearing time to get them out. Usually when they play together, Ashley's little brother comes over and keeps things shook up but tonight it was just the 2 of them and they were finding themselves a little bored until I suggested the swimsuit bath idea. That got them pumped up. The bathroom is all wet now but I've got too happy, if not soggy, girls and it's all good.

Now I feel like taking a shower. I just might do that, actually. Not right this minute, but soon.

Mmmmmm.... Ice Dancing. I adore ice dancing. I adore almost any kind of dancing--I always watch the national dancesport championships on A&E. My favorite is the Latin dance. Oooh-so sexy. I'd rather watch ice dancing than pairs figure skating any day of the week. It's so much more interesting and intricate. I like intricate. And that hunky Tchernyshev--ooh baby! The French ice dancing guy is pretty hunky, too. that ponytail. And what's not to like about flamenco and tango? The woman in the French team has wonderful FLAMING red hair that I absolutely love. They are really excellent together.I fully expect them to win the gold.

I've been drinking Dr Pepper like it is going out of style today. Not sure exactly why because I usually only drink it with meals but today I've just been drinking it and drinking it and drinking it. I'm never going to fall asleep!

I wish I didn't have a critique in my photography class tomorrow so I could ditch class and stay home with Ed and Joey. I was totally ready to have the critique last Wednesday, when it was originally scheduled but I was totally outvoted when the teacher suggested putting the critique off a few days. Feh! Buncha slackers.

Mmm...I just got to eat an orange SweeTart. As far as I'm concerned, there are only 2 colors of SweeTarts worth eating--orange and purple with purple being the hands-down best. When they used to sell SweeTarts at the movies, I would get a box and sort them out putting the orange in one pile, the purple in another and then I'd give the nasty yellow, green, pink and blue to Ed. He was unconvinced that they had different flavors so he used to test me and I could tell exactly what color was what by taste. Joey wouldn't give me any of her purples tonight, though. Man, what a rip. I'm going to have to go buy my own package of SweeTarts now to satisfy this purple-SweeTart-craving I've just developed.

I'm a little bored this evening but I'm not sure what to do about it. I mean, aside from scouring the pages at Ebay. Perhaps I should go seduce that husband of mine. Then again, I could eat dinner. I haven't eaten dinner because I've been so freaking filled up with Dr Pepper. ::sigh::

Ed has determined that he is going to buy a new washer and dryer tomorrow. The ones we want are about $750 each but with our electric company rebate, Oregon tax credit and President's Day sale, we can get that washer for $400 and the dryer for about $600. We decided it would be a good idea to replace the 12.5-year-old ones we have before they die and we have to pick new ones up urgently. This way we have good timing and no water accidents. I can't believe the ones we have now have lasted so long. They were the cheapest ones we could find at the time and for 7 years, they were in the garage exposed to extremes of heat and cold, once even freezing solid for a few days. We've been very lucky, indeed.

I'm thinking about cutting my hair short but having a round face and a rather full and fluffy body, I don't want to emphasize the roundness of my face or make my head look too small relative to my body. By short, though, I mean something in the neighborhood of chin-lenght rather than the shoulder-length or just below that I've had for so long.

Ed just left to go see a movie. He does that from time to time--he'll go to see a late movie by himself if there's a flick he wants to see that I'm not interested in.

I think now is the time in Lobotomy Land when we blow this popsicle stand and head over to Ebay for a bit more browsing. I mean, what else is there to do with Ed gone and Joey in bed? I am Ebay's bitch and she knows it.


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