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02-18-2002 @ 8:58 p.m.

My critique was today in my photography class. As predicted, the teacher as well as the members of the group really responded to my Hunger photo. But they liked it even more than I thought they would. It's a good photo, I think, but it's certainly not my very favorite. But there are some really good elements to it--it is well composed, good contrast, good sense of three dimensions. But it doesn't grab me and make me want to study it the way Melody and Harmony do. Oh, I so wish I could post my photos here but my scanner isn't working properly. Even if it were, I feel a little uncomfortable posting pictures on the internet that aren't protected with copyright waves and without permission from the models. But the critique was fun. This was just the small-group critique. Wednesday will be the large group critique with the whole class.

The critique is interesting because the grade is immaterial. I don't care what grade I get. I just like to see what people think of my photos--how they respond to them and how the photo speaks to them--and to see if my vision was communicated to them. With these pictures, I feel I was successful. We'll see how it goes with the full class critique. I'm not entirely sure why the teacher has small group and large group critique but I guess it doesn't matter.

Ed got our new washer and dryer. Well, he paid for them. They'll be delivered on Saturday. Very exciting. We also took advantage of Joey's absence when she went to the park. This afternoon stuff is great. ;-)

I watched the US women's curling team beat Norway tonight. Curling is such a strange sport. Ah, but I love watching it. Just because of its novelty, I suspect. And the pleasant associations with our honeymoon when I was first exposed to it.

Now it's time to taste those Girl Scout cookies that were delivered today. I mean, in the interest of product testing and truth in advertising and all that jazz.


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