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01-29-2002 @ 9:37 p.m.
Where's That Life Anyway??

Today was the first day home, alone, without any Internet. No Diaryland. No Ebay. No nothing. It was sad. It was lonely. In desperation, I played Hearts and Freecell on my laptop. It was just too weird.

And I wrote my photography paper.

There has to be another life out there just begging to be lived.

On another note, I made those cookies last night and they tasted my-tee-fine. Joey had one when she came home from school and said I was the best big cookie maker ever. I love that. I love that I gave her homemade cookies for a snack when she came home from school. How June-Freaking-Cleaver is that?

Ed is still trying to figure out what our DSL problem is. I hope it gets resolved soon.

I bid on a redware plate last night on Ebay for my friend Alison. She has a collection and I found one going cheap. Let's hope I win the auction. My vintage apron auction should be over tomorrow and so far I'm the high bidder at $8. Now if I could just get a shirtwaist dress and a fat pearl choker. Mmmmmm.

I only have 15 minutes left on my hour of computer time so I'd better get out of here. Someday I'll have unfettered access to Diaryland again. Until then, I can only drop in for a snatch here and there.



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