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01-30-2002 @ midnightish

Ah, Wednesday. That means class and time in the darkroom. Unfortunately, I didn't have my new negatives to develop so I just did one print (which got dented by some rude person's bad darkroom etiquette with the tongs--PISSED ME OFF) and then touched up a few other prints I had.

After school, Joey and I went to the mall to get a baby shower gift for my friend whose baby shower was tonight (this was the baby shower I was looking forward to--I shot a roll of film while I was there, too). I got her a cute red Tommy Hilfiger one-piece winter romper for next year. It's cute. While we were there, Joey and I decided to eat dinner at Wazwan (she loves Indian food) and and asked me to tell her funny things she has said. She thought they were so funny and asked me for more more more. There are a few that are pretty funny. Here are some of my favorites:

Age 2--

Me: "Joey is just a nickname. Like Daddy's name. We call him Ed but his real name is Ed-ward."

Joey: "Well my real name is Joey-WARD"

Age 3--

Store clerk: "See ya later, Alligator. Afterwhile, Crocodile."

Joey, in hushed tones as we walked out the door: "Wow--she knows how to speak Spanish!"

Age 4--

Joey, to store clerk: "Why do you have an earring in your nose?"

Store clerk: "I don't really know!"

Age 8--

Me: "Joey, will you turn on some music for dinner?"

Joey: "Does it have to be sweet music?"

Me: "No, why?"

Joey: " 'Cause I want to listen to some rock music. Like the Partridge Family."

Age 8--

Joey: "Mom, if we have another baby in our family, I want it to be a boy."

Me: "A boy? Why?"

Joey: "Because when girls get to be a certain age, like 4, they start all that princess talk and you can just count me out of all that."

Me (stifling a laugh): "I seem to remember when you were the one doing all the princess talk."

Joey (rolling eyes and sounding disgusted): "I know. ::sigh::"

Age 8:

Joey: "Mom--you changed your earrings!"

Me: "Sure did."

Joey to father who was just walking into the room: "Dad--do you notice anything different about Mom?"

Ed (Looking up from his reading): "No"

Joey (rolling eyes and sounding disgusted) "Men!"

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. She's always cracking me up, mostly because the things she says these days are so much older-sounding than her chronological age. She's a very articulate little girl with quite an extensive vocabulary so a lot of the amusing things she says are funny because of the circumstances rather than the actual words she says. A lot of times it's funny because it's coming out of the mouth of an 8 year old, not a 28 year old. At least she isn't swearing. Yet.


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