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01-28-2002 @ 9:35 p.m.
Earthlink Still Freaking SUCKS

Earthlink continues to suck. I spent many hours on the phone today only to be insulted and condescended to. The topper was after waiting for an hour on hold for customer support only to be told by the freakin' asshead on the other end of the line that we don't have a DSL account with them. We have a *dial up* account. Like I'm such a damn idiot that I couldn't tell the difference between a DSL set up and a dial-up setup that I've been using for the past year and a half. I THINK I KNOW THAT I'VE BEEN USING DSL FOR 18 MONTHS! I argued with him. He insisted that Verizon was my ISP. No, Verizon is my DSL provider but Earthlink is my ISP. I already called Verizon and talked to them about their lines to make sure that the lines weren't disabled for some reason. They assured me that they were not my ISP and that I needed to talk to Earthlink. I'm gonna bitch slap someone when I get the chance. I wanted blood by the time I got off the line with that bozo.

We're cancelling our Earthlink account as soon as possible. Ed is going to get us set up with a different ISP tomorrow. I can't wait to be done with EarthFink. Retards. Idiots. Nitwits. Bastards. All of 'em. I'm going to find an address to write to and just let them know how delightful it is to work with them. Not that it will get me anywhere but at least I'll have vented my frustration.

On to more uplifting topics, I printed my pictures of Marilyn and her cello today and they turned out pretty nice. I'm very happy with them. My teacher liked them, too. I've got a theme going here--the whole family and their stringed instruments.

Isn't it sad that I have nothing else to write about? I spent my entire day either on FREAKING HOLD, getting the royal run-around with EarthFink or developing pictures.

I've got a hankering to make some cookies. I think I shall finish this entry and then go whip some up. I haven't made cookies from scratch in awhile--I've gotten somewhat spoiled by those premade Tollhouse cookies. They aren't as good as my own but the convenience factor wins out every time.

Tomorrow I've got a paper to write. Ought to whip through that baby in a hour or so. Then I get to go shopping. That ought to take my mind of this EarthFink FIASCO!!!!

Until tomorrow night when my dear husband brings me his laptop again...


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