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01-27-2002 @ 7:32 p.m.
DSL Woes

Earthlink sucks. Sucks bad. Our DSL/ISP has been down for more than 24 hours now. And talk about withdrawal symptoms--it's been hell. Sheer hell. I was getting mighty darn cranky not being able to check my mail, check on my Ebay bids, read my buddy list diaries. My husband is a total sweetheart, though. He understood my plight and dialed in with his laptop to the office so I could access the internet that way. (He was happy to check in his Ebay bids, too.) I so appreciate it. I was positively giddy when he offered me his laptop. Mary, you understand how I am, being of the same cloth yourself.

Yesterday was a lovely day--snowed off and on all day and as Trinity mentioned, it was the first real snow we'd had in 4 years. We just laid around the house doing not much and then at 3pm we decided to blow this popsicle stand. We went to Woodcrafters and Ed bought drawer slides for his latest woodworking project that are usually $18. They sold them for cost at $7. He bought 4 pair and we were ecstatic. Joey found a magnetic tot-lock thing that was supposed to be $12 and they said it had been on close out for so long that she could just have it for free. She was delighted.

Off we went after that to Art Media so I could buy some materials to put liquid light emulsion for my photography class--handmade paper, watercolor paper, canvases, copper-coated paper, wood veneer and then some mat board and backer board. I got a 20% discount for being a student. Yeehaw!

Then we went to Old Navy and they were having a big winter blow-out sale so Ed found 5 shirts--long sleeved T-shirts, a sweatshirt, and some waffle-weave shirts--for $17.85! They were all 75% off. Wow! Talk about big-ass deal day!

After all our shopping fun, we browsed at Borders then had dinner at Baja Fresh. It was really a lovely afternoon.

We drove home through the snow and decided to take a walk. After getting ourselves appropriately bundled up, we went on a lovely night snow walk through our neighborhood and into the next one. We stopped at Joey's teacher's house for a few moments and chatted with her and then continued on our way. We walked for about an hour through the falling snow. It was so much fun--I really loved it. We came home, covered in snow, noses and legs cold but happy and left all our wet stuff hanging in the garage.

It snowed on and off all night. The only problem was that our satellite dish didn't work in the snow. So there we were--no satellite dish (so no TV), no DSL (so no internet). What's a girl to do? I read for awhile but I wasn't in the mood for my book. I wanted something electronic, baby. I watched the guestroom TV on antenna and was able to catch 2 episodes of Law & Order last night. It was a little fuzzy but not unbearable. Ed watched Speed on video. Around midnight, the snow cleared and Ed got the snow off the dish. When I saw it, it was like watching HDTV because I'd been used to the fuzzy TV in the bedroom. It was kind of funny.

I didn't sleep well--woke up several times not feeling great. I had bad heartburn and finally got up at 4am to take some Tums. The snow was falling hard then and the sky was a wonderful pink color. I sat in the kitchen and watched the snow fall for awhile before going back to bed. Then I woke up a few more times with abdominal pain. I thought I had (shhh) diarrhea but I didn't. I just had abdominal cramps. It went away eventually--around noon today. Between the snow and my stomach, we stayed home from church today and relaxed. Ed and Joey built a snow critter that looks like it came from The Nightmare Before Christmas and we had yummy French bread pizza for lunch.

Then this afternoon, I got to take pictures of Russell with his one-year-old daughter right after her nap. It was sweet and I shot 3 rolls. He can't wait to see the pictures--maybe I'll be able to get the negs back by Wednesday and make some contact sheets. I'm anxious to see them, too. I'm always anxious to see my pictures after I shoot them. I have 2 rolls to pick up tomorrow before class. Yay!

I'm feeling so much better now that I've been able to write an entry and read my diaries. I'm hopelessly addicted. I freely admit it. And I don't want no stinkin' 12 step program to set me free. I like it here.

And if Earthlink doesn't get their rears in gear (I spent 95 minutes on hold today--20 for one guy, 75 for the next, who never answered), I'm going to have to go get postal on their asses.

Don't mess with Lobotomybabe.


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