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01-25-2002 @ 1:01 a.m.
I Won!

I won my ebay auction today--yay! I got a great, unusual, vintage camera from an estate sale in Beverly Hills for just $20.50. I was pretty happy about that. It's a beautiful camera and I plan to use it decoratively in a vignette I'm setting up on the piano. I can't wait to get it!

Had brunch with Grandma and Amy and Joey (school conferences so no school today). It was really good, which surprised me because the restaurant we went to is really just a so-so restaurant. The service sucked, though.

My hair is newly reddified. I love having freshly colored hair--it makes me feel like the young and sassy woman I know I am inside.

The forecasters are predicting snow for tomorrow. I went to the grocery store at 11:30 and the rain was slushy. I expect that the forecast may be right. I certainly hope so--we've haven't had any snow of consequence in 4 years or so. In fact, our dearth of snow correlates with the gift my sister gave Joey--squirt bottles for coloring the snow, like for making snow sculptures. Joey's been dying to use it and we haven't had any snow. This weekend is the perfect time--nothing scheduled, house well-stocked so no need to go to the grocery store for anything and nothing but time to enjoy it. I'm really hoping for that snow--at least a little so Joey can go play in it.

Ooh, I watched Trading Spaces today and it was a big bomb! Doug, the man who should be smacked, was really awful. The homeowners did not want anything done to the fireplace (brick) and left a sign "No Paint." Of course, he likes to always do the opposite of what the homeowners want so he says he's going to paint the brick. His helpers steadfastly refuse to do it and swear they will tape themselves to the brick to keep it from happening. Doug gets all pissy and complains to Ty--who do they think they are? Are they the designers? No, I am. What's the point of even being here if they're not going to do what I suggest. They aren't designers. I'm the designer. blah blah blah. Finally, he persuades them to let Ty build a bead board covering for the fireplace and paint it white, add sconces and a mirror. Personally, I liked it, but the homeowners explicitely didn't want the fireplace touched. When it was time for the reveal, they were dumbfounded. The woman had to excuse herself and left. She was still in the room but off camera and you could hear her just sobbing. It really made me feel bad. (Then again, if you aren't open to adventure and change, what the hell are you doing on that show?) Once again, Frank did a wonderful job in his house and the homeowners were delighted. Doug needs to be fired, though. He sucks.

And that's my big wild day today.


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