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01-05-2002 @ midnight
Don't Mention It

I'm so glad to read in Mary's diary that she hasn't taken down her tree yet. Whew! I was going to do it today but we put the finishing touches on Joey's room and then I went to a surprise birthday party for a friend so I ran out of time. I did scrub our shower this morning, though, and I got all of Joey's art supplies out of the family room and then took over the former art cubby and filled it with Joey's Nintendo machine, games and a tote that serves as overflow for the video tape drawer. Yay! I'm getting this place whipped up into shape.

Jaimie and her family came over today to pick up Joey's old computer. I couldn't have been more happy. We also sent them off with a bunch of CDs from Joey's early years on the computer--animated storybooks and activity centers. They'll enjoy them. Her youngest is only 2 and just right for these CDs. We tried to make it a condition of taking the computer that they had to dispose of our discarded box spring and Joey's old desk but they wouldn't go for it. ::sigh:: Guess we'll have to drag them out to the lawn.

Tomorrow, then, is the day. The official last possible day to take down the tree. We'll be home from church by 11:30. That's plenty of time to do it. It's Advent anyway. Back in the Olden Days, trees were put up on Christmas Eve and taken down 12 days later on Advent. Or so my mom said. I'm just being old fashioned. (Who cares that it has been up since November 27th?)



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