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01-04-2002 @ 10:59 p.m.
Who Doesn't Love Sparkly Daisies?

Ooh, I have cramps right now. Bad ones. I just took four Advil liqui-gels. I love those bad boys--talk about strong! Now they just need to go to work inhibiting those prostaglandins.

When my energy returns, it really comes back in spades! I spent the entire day stamping/painting daisies on Joey's bedroom walls. They look great, I might add. The walls have orange peel texture on them so that stamp didn't work as well as I thought it would, so I had to paint the stamp with a pretty thick layer of paint and then after stamping the wall, I had to go back and fill in the parts that didn't take. The daisies are orange, pink, orange-and-pink, lime green, yellowy-green, purple and purple-and-pink. I also have smaller swirls in all those same colors. The coolest thing is that I sprinkled the daisies with ultrafine clear prismatic glitter while it was still wet so the daisies are all sparkly. They're just beautiful! I love sparkles. Joey loves sparkles, too.

This room just makes you smile. It has this killer platform bed with a great desk underneath with a bulletin board and shelves and drawers and rope light under the bed and under the shelves, and a great bookcase filled with lots of wonderful books, and this cute cabinet/mini armoire filled with Groovy Girls stuff and plastic boxes filled with toys and critters and goodies like that, and there's a big white board on one wall with orange and purple and green and blu markers, the bed has paisley orange and pink sheets and there is a pink blow-up chair in the corner and the walls are covered with sparkly daisies. What is not to smile about? I love it! It's a room I would have died for when I was a kid.

Tomorrow we will move all the art supplies into her room from the cubby in the family room where they are now. I'll be so glad to have the art supplies out of this room! Seems there is always a pile of paper and pens in the middle of the floor and it drives me nuts! We have all of Joey's little tchotkes on her shelves and they look much better where they are than on the big, deep shelf they were on before. Most were unable to be seen by Joey because they were up high and she couldn't see them from the ground. Now they are lit up and look so cute in her little "office." That's what we're calling it now--and she even has her own stapler, which she is EVER so excited about. (She likes to make books.)

As I stood at her door tonight looking at her new room, it struck me that this is the room of a big girl--a pre-teen or a teeny bopper, not my little girl. She's 8 years old now--gone are the Winnie the Pooh penny banks and baby dolls. She's on to bigger, if not better, things and there are two feelings tugging at my heart--some sadness that she has grown up so much in what seems like such a short period of time yet I also feel excitement and happiness at all that we can do now that we couldn't do before when she was younger. It's a double-edged sword, growing up.

Tomorrow, I will finally finish putting the Christmas stuff away. I just go to carried away with Joey's room that I had to finish it before I moved on. By my next entry, I *will* have a non-holiday house. Scout's honor. (That's Girl Scouts, BTW.)


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