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10-06-2003 @ 12:56 p.m.
Weekend Recap

Our weekend at the coast with the Griffiths was nice. Except that the cable was out so Ed couldn't watch the game he was looking forward to on Friday night. Still, it was nice. We played games and walked on the beach and I took *tons* of pictures with my camera and got to know it a little better. My telephoto lens is very heavy, though, and I found that my wrist got very tired and sore after about an hour of shooting. I'm looking forward to playing with them on my computer.

One problem with digital prints is that the service labs for consumers aren't as good as I need/want so I've got to find a professional lab that will let me work in small quantities. I think I may have 2 options of places that do actual chemical processing like film prints, instead of digitally printed. Skin tones just aren't right enough for me. It will just take a little more searching.

Joey has a cold. Can't imagine why--she only got about 5 hours of sleep on Friday night. We were playing games with the kids late on Friday and she didn't get to bed until about 1am but I thought she'd sleep in. Instead, she woke me around 6ish to tell me that she couldn't sleep. Arrgh! I told her to just go lay down and try to fal asleep. Awhile later she came in and asked if she would read for awhile. Of course, I said. And then a bit later she came back to tell me something else. Later I told her that she was never to wake me up to tell me that she couldn't sleep--read, watch TV, play with her video game or listen to music but don't wake me up to share her pain or I'd give her a serious pain.

The youngest of the Griffiths kids is a serious crier and whiner. Joey wasn't much of a crier or whiner so I have no experience with that and I have absolutely NO patience with it. He's 18 mos. old and just barely starting to talk but mostly he grunts and cries and whines. Oh my gosh--if I lived in that house, I think I'd die. Or he would. Or he'd learn a new form of communication real damn fast. I think they're just so inured to it that they don't hear it or notice it or whatever. They seem quite unfazed by it, which may be the root of the problem. The more they get used to it, the more noise he has to make to get noticed. And his 3 year old sister--let's not even go there. The more time I spend with those two little ones, the more I realize how insanely lucky we were with Joey. (That and there was only one so she didn't have to scream, whine, cry or be defiant to get our attention.)

But I still had a good time. Honest. Stop looking at me that way.

My jaw has been out of joint for several days now but I think it's back in line like it should be. There is some residual swelling and tenderness but it's not making me want to cry like it was before. Oh my gosh--I thought I was going to absolutely cry on Friday because it hurt so bad and I couldn't bite properly--my teeth weren't meeting up right. I couldn't chew, I kept feeling like my jaw was going to just snap. But when I was eating my PBJ last night for dinner, it felt like it shifted and my teeth started meeting properly again so I think it's fine. I'll keep up the ibuprofen, though, for a few more days to get the inflammation down.

Oh--at this beach house, they had a deep Asian soaking tub (which my Japanese husband tells me is called an ofudo) and I took a wonderful bath yesterday afternoon while everyone was out doing other things. Ed and Joey were on a beach walk, and the little Griffiths and parents were out shopping. The older boys were playing video games and were very self sufficient so I took and hour or so of Lisa Time in that tub with a new book (Five Qu@rters of the Or@nge) and had a great time. We don't have a decent soaking tub in this house--one of the things I *really* miss living here. Joey has a tub but it's small and the one time I took a bath in it, I hated it. We have a shower only in our bathroom. Last night Ed and I were looking up how to put a tub in our bathroom. I'm not sure if we'll actually do it but I'd sure like to--I love taking baths and I'm not sure if I can go another 2 or 3 years without a tub. Then again, I've survived 7 so I guess I could if I had to but I don't want to.

I really need to go to the grocery store--we're out of almost everything except milk and cereal. And as much as I love cereal, I don't want it for dinner. I'm not sure what I *do* want for dinner but it's not cereal.

Time to roll. I've got lists to write, photos to play with, groceries to buy, a kid to check on--it's a full afternoon.


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