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04-28-2004 @ 12:26 a.m.
April Edition

Time for my monthly update.

Last week, Ed and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. I'm pretty proud of that--it sounds like a very long time to be married. Last January, we realized that we'd known each other for 20 years. His is the longest continual relationship I've had with anyone not related to me. He's a great guy--I'm so glad to be married to him. We spent the weekend at a hotel and spa in Portland and had a lovely, relaxing weekend. It was really great.

Amy and her family are moving to my town this weekend. We couldn't be happier, all the way around. It will make all our lives easier. It has been something of a challenge to have her 14 year old stepson here as a part-time resident since he started the new school just after spring break. He won't have to be here as much when he has his own home to go to. He'll just need to be here for dinner and sleep and to get off to school in the morning. I'll have to run him to sports on occasion, but that's ok.

I don't know why I'm not updating much anymore. Frankly, I think it's just because I don't think of it. It just isn't on the forefront of my mind anymore.

We're making our summer vacation plans and it turns out that we'll be doing what I always tell people not to do--taking our kid to Las Vegas. It wasn't my firs choice, but that's where we're meeting some friends from the East Coast before we drive to the Grand Canyon. How's that for the prototypical American Family Vacation? Joey wants to see Cirque de Soleil really bad so we'll go a few days early, before our friends get there, and take her to a show and do some other stuff before we hook up with our friends.

Ed's in California tonight and his being gone coupled with my long nap this evening (from 4 to 6:30) which was necessitated by the Nephew's 5 awakenings last night (arrrrgggh! teething sucks!) means that I can't sleep. I think I'm going to have to take something or I'll be up all night.

There's really nothing else going on. We bought a new bed--king sized, finally, with a beautiful mission-style frame. I like it a lot--it's one of those air beds that you can adjust to your own personal softness/hardness preference. Very comfortable. And being in a bigger bed again makes both of us very happy. In 2000, we got rid of our king-sized bed for a queen because Ed was convinced it would be fine. I objected strenuously but he really wanted to try it. His stressful job combined with too-close sleeping conditions made for some serious insominia for him and he ended up sleeping in the guest room for almost 2 years. Then his job got better and I lost weight so I wasn't snoring anymore and he was able to sleep in bed with me again, but we still felt crowded in the queen because I sleep with a body pillow and I'm a sprawler. Finally, though, he relented about getting another bed and that's what we did. It's been great. I'm sleeping really well. (When I'm there, of course. )

That's it for now. Ciao!


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