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03-28-2004 @ 11:04 p.m.
Nothing Really

This has been an interesting winter. And I guess early spring, too, since the weather has been decidedly spring-like for awhile.

Taking care of Aidan has been difficult. Not that I'm thinking of quitting--I'd never do that to my sister--but it's harder on me and my family than I thought it would be. He's so heavy that I feel like I have arthritis in my wrists and hands all the time. My back is getting stronger, though. At least he's starting to hang on now, which makes my posture better. And he's starting to walk so perhaps it will be better soon. I sure hope he starts sleeping through the night soon. Once that happens, I think life will be a lot better.

They move to my town in about 4 weeks. That's very exciting. I haven't lived in the same town as my sister in about 15 years. How fun it will be to just pop over there or have her pop over here instead of having to drive for 30-45 minutes first.

I'm feeling spiritually underfed lately. Nothing seems to touch me like it used to. I don't really like that. It reminds me of how I felt two years ago when I first was treated for depression. I'm taking a lower dose of my antidepressant this year than last and I'm worried that it might not be enough. I'm not feeling a full-fledged depression but it's there on the edges. I'm not my normal self. Then again, I'm also not getting my regular amount of sleep, so perhaps it's more sleep deprivation than anything else.

Perhaps I need to get back to writing again. That always helps me to think better. Clear my head.

I have a headache right now. I'm hoping it will go away soon. Last night wasn't my best night--fell asleep around 1am on the couch, was awakened at 2 by Aidan, then again at 3:30 when I had to give him more cold medicine and then let him sleep in my chest in a semi-sitting position so he could breathe, then he finally was able to sleep in his crib again. Certainly didn't feel like getting up for church at 8am.

My sweet friend Brittany brought chocolate to me this evening and left it on my door like a little chocolate fairy. What a nice person. I was all out of chocolate and was really craving a s'more. I'll have to drop something off at her house tomorrow.

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