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06-01-2003 @ midnightish
The Way to Spend an Evening

Tonight, Ed and I went to see Les Mis with Russell and Delyn. Can I just sigh? ::aaahhh::

It was wonderful.



When Jean V@ljean started singing "Bring Him H0me," the waterworks started and I couldn't turn them off for the rest of the show. That is my very favorite song from a musical ever. I can barely stand to listen to it on CD without crying, it's so beautiful. So by the end of the show, tears were just streaming down my face, my nose was running, my shirt was a wet with drops of tears and I was in absolute heaven. The actor who played Jean V@ljean had previously played the role twice on Broadway and I can see why--he was *very* good. His strong, wonderful tenor voice rang out tonight and touched my heart. I love a good tenor. Mmmm.

So now I'm just basking in the afterglow of a wonderful evening, happy to have spent time with my beloved and my dear friends and to have had my ears filled and my spirit lifted. It was a fabulous evening.

And now I'm tired. I've got the Nephew tomorrow (he's actually here tonight as Amy babysat for me) so I'll just crawl in bed with him at 5:30 when Amy goes to work.

It's going to be in the 90s and high 80s all week. I'm thinking I'd better plan to hang at Brittany's with her air conditioning on Wednesday, the day forecasted to top out at 93 degrees. Her husband is out of town so I think she'll probably be happy to have some adult company for awhile.

Now I'm going to take this smiling face to bed. I need my rest to be chipper for the baby tomorrow.



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