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05-09-2002 @ 11:45 p.m.
What to Do With Chicken Breast

I watched ER tonight and man, was it difficult to sit through. It started out ok, but by the end, I was absolutely sobbing. I completely lost it when Rachel got the balloon and set it free as that has been something I've done to recognize the anniversary of my mother's death. I write her a letter and send it off on a balloon. I was an absolute wreck by the end of the show. Cathartic, it was, but I wasn't really in the mood for any catharsis tonight. ::whew!::

It also made me sad listening to the Bruddah Iz version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. His story is such a bittersweet and tragic one and hearing his sweet voice and gentle ukulele music made for an even more emotional program.

Thanks to those who gave me suggestions for my chicken tonight. Trin--email me that soup recipe. It sounds delicious. I wasn't able to use the suggestions because I got them after dinner. But what I did do was pretty tasty. I sauteed thick slices of mushrooms and 1" (or so) lengths of asparagus in a bit of butter/olive oil and garlic and then set it aside. I put some farfalle (bowtie pasta) in to boil and then sauteed my chicken (cut in small pieces) in olive oil. When the chicken is fully cooked, I deglazed the pan in about 3/4 sherry (or white wine, if you have that instead) and poured about 1/3 cup cream (I used buttermilk for ours but cream for the neighbor's) into the chicken. While the sauce was reducing, I added back the asparagus and mushrooms (and any liquid that collected) and warmed it through. When the pasta was *almost* done, I barely barely drained it and tossed it in the sauce/meat/veggie mixture and cooked it a minute or so until the sauce tightened up. I squeezed half a lemon over the top and then served it with freshly grated parmesan on top. (For ours, I added a few red pepper flakes but I left them off the neighbor's version.) Very tasty and only took about 20-30 minutes to prepare.

I served it with a cucumber-onion salad I made from my mom's old old recipe. The dressing consists of some mayo (lowfat is fine) some sour cream (I used fat free), apple cider vinegar, salt (quite a bit since the cucumber absorbs so much of the salt flavor), sugar, and dill. It's one of my favorite salads from my childhood. I remember sneaking into the kitchen at night after the kitchen was "closed" for the night and getting slices of cucumber out and eating it (and making a mess while I was at it). I still do that!

I printed my pregnant belly photos today to many compliments in the darkroom. I was very encouraged by that--this could actually work for me. I was so happy with the photos. I can't wait to show them to Christa. These are definitely going in the portfolio.

Tomorrow is another full day--starts at 7am when I get up to get Joey off then I have volunteering time in the classroom afterwhich I have to run downtown to the photo supply store for more 11x14 paper and then I'm in the darkroom until 2pm, home by 2:30 then at 3:30 I have a church meeting but at 4:30 I'm done and I'll be able to walk on the treadmill and finish watching K-P@X. I didn't have time to do it earlier today and when I did have time, I was exhausted and my foot was achy from walking on it sidways to avoid the stupid blister. I am *so* not doing *that* again. Man, what a mistake that was. I'm glad next week isn't too hectic, though because we have a big weekend planned next weekend. I'd better get my babysitter lined up for Saturday. Hmmmm... I wonder if the neighbors would be interested in an overnight guest????

Gotta run.


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