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05-08-2002 @ 10:27 p.m.
Blisters=Bad News

So, it would seem that walking last night for 90 minutes and then walking again today for 30 minutes and then walking around the mall doing some retail therapy for me and Joey wasn't the best move. The blister I got last night didn't hurt too bad when I walked this morning but about an hour into our foray in the mall, I felt the blister burst and then it started hurting again. Now I can barely hobble around. This was not a good idea, indeed. The smaller of the two blisters is still intact and isn't causing me much grief but the larger one--oy vey!

I sneezed about 200 times today. I hate allergies. Hate hate hate 'em. I *so* wanted that acupuncture I got last year to work for me but it didn't. I was the perfect patient, too, if psychosomatic healing was supposed to have any part of it because I believed with all my might that it would work and then it didn't. So depressing.

When Joey and I were shopping, I bought a pair of lightweight orange capris with rhinestones in the shape of a Hawaiian flower at the bottom of the left leg. They're really kewl. I can't wait to wear them but ::sigh:: I will have to wait at least a little while because we have 2 days of rain forecast.

I'm mighty darn tired tonight. I think I may go to bed early. Allergies seem to wipe me out. Or is it the Cl@ritin? It's not supposed to make you drowsy but I swear it does. Maybe it's time to try a new one. I've used @llegra. Maybe Zyrt3c? Stacey's allergist likes to rotate her every year or two to a new antihistamine because he says you build up a tolerance for it and then it doesn't work as well. You know, so nasal steroids wouldn't be a bad idea either. I need to get right on that. Well, not tonight, of course. Perhaps tomorow will do.

I need to think of something to make with chicken breast for my neighbors for dinner tomorrow. I'm stumped. Arrgh!



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