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05-01-2002 @ 11:56 p.m.
Domesticity and the Frontier

It was a domestic day. I finished the laundry, folded it and even put it away (which, sad to say, is sometimes a problem. ::sigh::). I also did the dishes from last night that Ed decided not to do. Stacey came over in the afternoon with the video of the Secret Life of W@lter Mitty. We read it for bookgroup and thought it would be interesting to watch the movie but the movie bore little resemblance at all to the short story. Danny Kaye was pretty funny, though.

In the afternoon, I met Joey at Brownies for the Mother-Daughter May Day tea. It was tortuous. I can barely stand to be in the same room with the Brownie leader--she drives me absolutely batty. But Joey was glad I was there and that's what matters. The Brownie leader's daughter is a little shit and she tried to get Ashley (my neighbor's daughter) in trouble claiming that she had said something that Ashley denied. Joey was there with the group of girls who were playing and she came up to me in private and said that Natasha was lying and that Ashley hadn't said that thing. When we got home, we waited for the neighbors to get home and Joey went over there right away to let the mother know that Ashley hadn't said what Natasha claimed. Joey has a very strong sense of fair play and is absolutely incensed at the idea of anyone getting in trouble unjustly. When her whole class was given a time out for the behavior of a few in PE, she was livid. Actually, not so much livid as feeling righteously indignant. I'm not into astrology at all, but if I were, I'd say she's a true Libra in that regard. Everything must be fair, just and equal. She'd make a good judge.

Tonight was free scoop night at Baskin-Robbins so we toddled over their for our ice cream. It crowded but they had it organized so well that we were in and out of there in less time than it takes on a regular evening to get ice cream. I loved it! I think every night should be free ice cream night!

I typed up Christa's birth plan for her today and tomorrow I will bring 3 copies of it to her at her midwife appointment. Unfortunately I have to bring Joey with me since there is no school tomorrow or Friday and the 3 people I asked to babysit in the morning were unable to do it. Oh well--it will be fine. We'll wait in the hall while she has her internal exam and then after that, we'll come in and Joey will listen to her CD player and read Harry Potter while we talk.

I'm feeling sleep so I should really just go to bed but it's time for Law & Order and I'm Law & Order's bitch, even though I blew it off earlier tonight to watch the concluding episode of Frontier House. I'm going to have to thumb wrassle with Weetabix for the affections of Nate, the hunkiest and cutest and nicest of the Frontier men. The other two men were creepy in their own way. I didn't cotton to either of them. Their wives were ok, though. For the most part, anyway. I think I liked Adriana and Kristen best, though. I thought it was really interesting when they got back and the Clunes were in this really hu-giant house--looked like 5K or 6K sq. feet with a big pool and on a cliff overlooking the ocean. They complained that it was too big and they felt lonely and that there were too many rooms that didn't even get used. Very interesting. I thought the house was too big, too. Very cold, very unfriendly space. Give me the tiny cabin over that behemoth anyday.

Time to go gawk at Chris Noth, my A&E boyfriend.


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