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05-02-2002 @ 11:23 p.m.
The Name Game

Oh my gosh--I felt so overscheduled today! Here was my Big Driving Around To Various Appointments Day itinerary. At 8am, I drove to the elementary school to participate in student-led conferences. At 9am, I drive to another town (2 towns over) to meet Christa for her midwife appointment only to find out her appointment was at 9:30 so Joey and I drive to McDonald's for breakfast. At 9:30, we have the appointment and I leave at 10am to get Joey to my Grandmother's house by 10:30 at which time I have to leave to get to my class by 11am. Class is scheduled until 2pm but I leave at 1:25 so I can get back to our town, pick up Joey and get her to piano lessons at 2pm. I watch the teacher's two little ones until 3pm at which time I am free of appointments for awhile. Joey asks to go to McDonald's again for her lunch since she didn't have lunch yet (only snacks at Grandma's because of having a late breakfast) so I acquiesce and we get food (and I use that term loosely) at McDonald's and go home.

I am hit by a wave of tiredness but I try to withstand it by working on the computer for awhile. Working on the computer does nothing to assuage the ravages of 6 hours of sleep so I succumb to the urge to nap. I take a nap from 5:15 until 6:15 at which time I bolt upright off the couch because I hear Ed's key in the door and realize that I need to quick, make dinner and go to bookgroup.

I hustle through dinner preparations for Ed and Joey and then get out the door by 6:50 to get to bookgroup by 7pm (roughly). Whew!

Bookgroup was really good--we stayed on topic almost all the of the time, once we *got* on topic. Seems we spent at least an hour eating and chatting before we actually got to bookgroup stuff. Instead of a book, we had only read a short story this month (which wasn't the intention--we thought the story was a novel) but the discussion leader read another of Thurber's short stories to us titled MacBeth Murder Mystery which was absolutely hilarious. Mary--you must find this story and read it. You'll laugh yourself silly, being a good and proper English major and all.

I have our release for signed and ready to mail to the adoption agency. They need us to give them permission to ask people about us (our references) and that's the first thing the agency requires before you fill out an application and everything so I filled out that little information sheet and we both signed it. Tomorrow it goes in the mail. I'd better make sure that our next door neighbor knows I put her name down on the form. I haven't told her yet that we're adopting again. They require a reference from your neighbor. I don't know what you do if you don't know your neighbors at all. I am certain that we didn't have our neighbors fill out a form last time. Anyway, the ball is officially in motion. They give the waiting time to be generally between 6 and 18 months after you're in the "pool" of prospective parents and if memory serves, it takes 2 or 3 months to get the paper work and home study and FBI background check done. Actually, I don't know how long it takes to do the FBI check since we didn't have to do that last time. Hopefully it isn't too lengthy of a process. Then it's all wait and wonder and wait some more.

Joey told me she wants to name a little brother Michael and a little sister Brittany or Diane. I nixed both her little sister names but said Michael was a good name since it's Ed's middle name. I'd want to use my dad's first name for a middle name (Owen) or even for a first name. Or maybe a combined name like OwenMichael. Ed's not a fan of the combined names, though. Don't know what we'd use for a girl. The names we considered for Joey were Avery, Taylor and Spencer and I still like all three of them. Joey doesn't but said if she had to pick one, she'd choose Avery. I think Ed is leaning toward Taylor. I like 'em all.

This is wildly premature, though, to talk about baby names when we're probably a year or two away from actually having one presented to us but it's hard not to think in that direction. I've never understood people who didn't have a name picked out or didn't name their babies before they left the hospital. My friend didn't name her baby for almost a month because she and her husband couldn't come to an agreement. He wanted Jody and she wanted Gabrielle (pronounced in the German way Gobbriella). He finally said "ok, fine. You name the baby," but she didn't want to do it that way so she held out for him to warm up to the name. Finally, after abot 5 weeks, she got so frustrated and was having a really terrible day that included having been called to school to pick up one of her sons and take him to the doctor that when she said she screamed "This is it! I can't stand it anymore. Her name is Gabrielle and too bad to anyone who doesn't like it." I just don't see how you can have a nameless baby laying around your house for 5 weeks, though. I have to name everything.

Who really knows what name we'll end up with. Joey's real name was picked out for 6 years before we got her and after 5 years, I tired of it and started flirting with the other names but Ed held firm on it that that's what we ended up with. She couldn't pronounce it when she was 2, though, so she started calling herself Joey. Doey, actually, but it morphed into Joey, and we liked it so much that we use it interchangeably with her real name and in fact, I probably use it more often than her real name. I shorten it to Jo, too, sometimes. Interestingly, the middle name we will definitely be using for a girl is JoAnn which is my mother's name but it would also have a touch of Joey's name in there.

Enough of names. It's time for bed!


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