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02-10-2002 @ 11:36 p.m.
Sunday Recap

We got to bed early enough on Saturday night that we were able to get up and ready for church and be there by 8:15. It was nice. I felt like I hadn't been there in ages! It was good to see everyone.

After church, we had lunch and then the 3 of us played a little Nintendo. We bought another controller so we can all play together. It's fun. Then Ed went to his office and I took a nap while Joey watched some TV and played in her room. Around 2:30, she went to play at the neighbors. Amy got here about 3:30 and I started helping her with her math. Fortunately for her, Ed arrived home about 45 minutes later and I turned the tutoring duties over to him since I couldn't remember stuff and I was confusing her.

I fixed us some dinner--steak with green peppercorn and caper sauce, fresh asparagus, cheesy potatoes and toast. It was pretty tasty. The steak was slightly more cooked than I think is ideal--it was medium well instead of medium rare--but it was a good cut of meat and it still tasted good. The sauce was really good, too. Mmmmm--I love a good pan sauce on steak.

I had to go back to the church for a little presentation tonight and on the way back, my tire went flat. It had had a slow leak and I've been filling it with air for the past 2 or 3 months every few weeks. I couldn't tell right away that it was flat, it just seemed to be gravelly. When I pulled into our development, I knew something was up. The car was pulling strongly to the right. When I got out at our house, I could see that the tire was flat as a pancake. Ed changed my tire for me. I'm so glad that I had to go somewhere tonight so that Ed was home and able to change my tire instead of discovering it at 10:30 tomorrow when it was time to go to school. I hate changing tires and I'm not sure I would have been able to find the jack--it was hidden in a secret panel that I didn't even know existed.

As a thank you, I made Ed a chocolate cake with white frosting. He was very happy to partake. (I was pretty happy to partake, as well. ) We cooked and ate it while watching the Pelican Brief. It was strange--like I'd never seen the movie--because I couldn't remember much of anything from that movie but I know I rented it and watched it when we lived in our last house.

I have a pretty full couple of weeks coming up. I'm not sure if I'll have much online time but I'll try to update when I can.


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