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02-09-2002 @ 10:27 p.m.
Awake, Alive and Energized

I just click some random button and jettisoned my entry. Damn, that pisses me off!


It was sunny! I had energy! I did things! It felt good to rejoin the human race for a day. I think I like it here--I'm going to see who I have to talk to about staying here.

I took Joey to her friend's birthday party at oh-noon-thirty and went on a picture-taking junket. I snapped some shots of a barn, some barbed wire, a velvety moss covered split-rail fence and a hazelnut orchard. It was so strange to be taking pictures without any people in them! I haven't done anything but portraits for such a long time.

Since it was sunny, I decided to indulge Joey's craving for baby back ribs and went to the store to gather the essentials. I had to go to 2 stores to get everything I needed but finally got it all and came home to fire up the 'cue.

I smoke my ribs for 3 hours over medium-low heat (the last hour the ribs are encased in foil to steam) so I needed to get them going by 3:00 or so. It took awhile to get the charcoal to the right heat--the briquets were hot today--but I finally got it set up. I made barbecue sauce and baked beans, too.

We invited Marcus and Stacey to join us for dinner since she is my best friend and Marcus is a fan of my ribs. Before they came over and while Joey was incarcerated in the tub, Ed and I took advantage of the moment to have another quickie romp in the sack. I must say, I'm becoming quite a fan of the Quickie Romp. There's something wonderfully passionate and deperate about it. Reminds me of when we were first married and couldn't keep our hands off each other and everything was an excuse for a roll in the hay. Plus, I have the pleasure of thinking about it and reliving it all evening long which brings a little smile to my face at the oddest moments. Yep. Much fun.

The ribs and sauce and beans turned out good, though my digestive system is still off from eating too much raw cabbage Thursday night. Everything I've eaten since then has not set well with me--caused uncomfortable bloating and rapid evacuation. I'm guessing it was the raw cabbage since my colon hasn't seen a shred of the stuff in months but it could have been the chicken in the chicken salad Dayna made. But I don't have the rest of the symptoms of food poisoning so I think it's the cabbage. It cleaned out my lower GI tract and everything is out of balance now. Perhaps I should eat some yogurt to get things back in balance. That's a good idea. Wish I'd thought of it sooner!

After dinner, we played cards and watched the Olympics. It's fun to see places that are so familiar to me. I lived in Utah for 10 years and skied at Park City, Snowbird, Deer Valley, Alta and all the other places there. I love seeing the beautiful Wasatch mountain range. I miss those craggy mountains and the crystal clear blue sky all winter long. I rarely had problems with SAD when I lived there because the weather was so sunny, year round. I didn't so much love the dry dry dryness that sucked all the moisture out of my eyes, mouth, nose and skin but I sure loved the sun. It's all a trade off. Living here in the Northwest, I have lovely skin but seasonal depression. Oh well.

Now I have a craving for a big glas of OJ so I need to put and end to this entry that took me twice as long since I had to write it twice. Arrggh.



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