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01-17-2002 @ 10:14 p.m.
Old Friends

Today was just a lovely day. I began by spending an hour in my daughter's classroom helping her teacher. I love having the time and availability to help out in the classroom. Love love love it.

Then I met my friend Marti for a day of shopping, chatting and eating. I haven't seen her in just over a year. I've known her since 1988. Our husbands were in MBA school and she and I both worked at the same high-tech company. Each of us had only 1 car so I drove Marti to work and her husband drove Ed to school. It worked out wonderfully. We hung out together for 2 years of college and then when the boys graduated, we moved to Oregon and the moved to California. Over the years, we've stayed in contact--vacationing together, visiting each other, phone calls, emails. They moved to Oregon for a few years and we did a lot of stuff together then. That was great. Then they moved to Germany for 3 years and we flew over there to visit them for a week and then they went with us to London. Now they live near Sacramento but flirt with the idea of moving back to the Portland area frequently and come up here from time to time to look at houses or for business trips.

Today, her husband had a business trip and she came with him. We met at 10am and did some shopping. First, we went to a lovely furniture store and wandered around ooohing and aaahing over some really great (and expensive!) stuff. The $8000 entertainment armoire took the cake, though. I can't even begin to think in that amount of money for a place to stow my TV. We went to some other stores downtown and then walked 12 blocks to one of my favorite restaurants downtown (the Netstock place, for those who were there). The food was incredible, as usual, and we had a leisurely meal and conversation. It was just like old times. Whenever we get together, it's like no time has passed. It could be 1989, 1995 or 2002. I love it. I miss them. Hopefully, I'll be able to convince Ed to visit them for Spring Break. (He may have to ration his vacation time so I don't know what kind of vacation we'll have for spring break.)

I so hope they move back here. Tomorrow they are meeting with a realtor to look at houses again. It would be so lovely to have them closer. Vancouver is only about 40 minutes away. That's nothing. And we could meet in Portland for evenings out--they love to eat out at fine restaurants as much as we do. But I shan't get my hopes up--they've been toying with us on this topic for a few years. Maybe some day.

Tomorrow--photos, lab day, fun fun fun! I love Fridays. Especially Fridays before a 3-day weekend. I just with Ed had Monday off, too. This really bites--I have MLK day off with Joey and Ed has President's Day off but we don't have a the same days off. I hate that. My college finds it more politically correct to celebrate and recognise dead black men, not dead white men. I really hate that. Everyone celebrates President's Day--you have to do that. Just cheeses me off.

Did I mention that I had a great lunch today?


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