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01-16-2002 @ 10:27 p.m.
Back in the Saddle Again

My shoulder is marginally better meaning that I don't have pain coursing down my arm but the rotator cuff area is still very, very tender. I loaded up with ibuprofen and naproxen sodium again today but I believe I may have scoured the lining of my stomach with all the gunk I was taking yesterday so instead of feeling crappy because my arm ached, I felt crappy because my stomach hurt like a bugger. Are you tired of hearing me whine yet?

On the upside, my itchy welts are almost gone. Whew!

It was so good to get back into the darkroom today. I loved it. I really, really loved it. I made 3 contact sheets and then developed 2 prints of Bill's dad. The one I like best happens to have a slight scratch on the negative. I'm going to have to ask my teacher what, if anything, I can do about that. It's *very* subtle, but I can see it so I need to fix it.

My teacher, though, was driving me CRAZY today. He kept talking and talking, nattering on about his own artwork. "This is what I do" blah de blah de freaking blah. I just wanted to have him shut up so we could get into the darkroom. Next time he does that, I'm going to excuse myself to go to the bathroom and sneak into the back. (I'll be sure to have set my stuff up at an enlarger first.)

I had a lovely visit with my neighbor tonight. I stepped over there to drop off a spool of thread and we got to chatting. I love being able to drop in over there and have a chat.

Here's a chilling photograph. Heartbreaking, really, to look at the photo in context. Take a good long look at it.

HTML question: how do you make something appear in italics?

Tonight, I took Joey to Target to buy something she's been saving her money up for. She's so cute when we do that. She knew exactly what she wanted (Hit Clips player and little Hit Clips disks) and was very direct. She didn't ask for anything else and she even eschewed getting something that would have left her with only a few cents. Amazing how frugal she can be with her own money. I did buy her an extremely cute pair of capri pants. They're a bit premature but I've learned with Target that if you don't buy something when you see it, you'll never get the chance to do it later because it will be gone. At least that's the case with children's clothing. So we have a jump on next summer's clothes.

I also bought 2 new bras today. I'm deliriously happy about that--I've needed a new bra for awhile now and I really hate to go bra shopping. In addition, I bought a replacement pair of sand-colored jeans (I got developer and then bleach and then orange paint on my other pair), and orange stretch-twill 3/4 length sleeve blouse and a lime green sweatshirt. Mmmm. New clothes. Just what I need. Oh, and a pair of white leather Keds-style shoes for $6. I love that, though it's not as good as the pair of white boat shoes Ed got at Target for $1.84.

Yesterday when I was walking on the treadmill, I watched a cooking show where the chef made a dessert with crepes and it inspired a craving for crepes so tonight, I whipped some up. I looked at a few cookbooks for a recipe and didn't find one I liked so I mixed two together and came up with a *great* recipe. The crepes were perfect. I put a touch of butter and a thin layer of currant jelly on them before rolling them up. I highly recommend currant jelly filled crepes for an easy and tasty dessert. I cooked up all the batter and had 3 leftover so I put them between sheets of wax paper and popped them in the freezer for another snack some other time. Yum!

I'm way tired tonight. I didn't get enough sleep last night and I had to get up early today. Tomorrow, too. I'm meeting my friend Marti downtown tomorrow after her plane comes in from CA. It will be a lovely day, I'm sure. And I'll be bringing my camera, for sure. Nothing like a little urban landscaping. Hopefully it will be really foul weather, too. Or foggy. Oh yeah, that would be great!


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