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01-14-2002 @ 9:24 p.m.
A Little of This, a Little of That

I have hatched a crop of red bumps and welts on my stomach. I can't imagine where they came from or what they are doing there but they are kind of itchy and bothersome. I put some Benedryl liquid on them and took a Benedryl capsule about an hour ago. I don't have them anywhere else, just on my lower stomach and a few where my waistband goes. It doesn't bode well, though, that I have these mystery welts that itch sort of like hives. I haven't eaten anything unusual nor have I changed my laundry detergent or dryer sheets so I'm a bit flummoxed at the moment. I'll keep an eye on them to see if they go away on their own with the help of some antihistamine liquid and pills. I'm loath to go to the doctor with welts so as long as they don't get worse or cause any other systemic reaction, I'll try to manage it on my own.

Imade some delicious beef/green chile/black olive enchiladas and Mexican rice for dinner tonight. I even had dinner ready when Ed came home from work. That *never* happens. In fact, I sort of hate to do that. It seems so, I don't know... Little womanish, you know?

Tonight is Multiple Birth night on Maternity Ward. I just watched quadruplets being born and another woman is pregnant with triplets. I always loved the idea of multiples, but really only loved it in the range of twins or maybe triplets. When I was going through all that infertility treatment, I used to yearn for twins so that I would be able to get two for the price of one and have my family finished. Obviously that didn't happen. And who knows how much I would have liked it in practice as opposed to in theory. It just seemed like such a good idea.

One of the moms gave birth to what she thought was a going to be a girl but after they got her out, she turned out to have a penis! Guess you can't count on those ultrasounds 100%, eh? What excitement ensued in the birthing room. The new dad was jumping around and Jameel became Jamal. It was very cute. He also lamented all the little girl stuff they had purchased. Oh well. Jamal will never know or care if he wears pink jammies.

Tomorrow I have the entire day to myself until dinnertime. Ah--the possibilities are endless. I plan to do a lot, too. I wish I could do everything I want but I don't think I can squeeze it in. I'm wanting to go to bed early so I won't feel the need to go back to sleep after Joey goes to school at 7:30. I want to walk in the treadmill, shower, go to the theatre to take my men's restroom pictures (did I mention those?), and then go pick up my negatives at the photo lab. After that, I'll have a few hours to kill. I can write, read, shop, whatever I want, until 2pm when the photo lab opens and then it will be time to process. I tell you, I'm just so excited about the prospect of such an open day and a clean(ish) house so that I don't have to do such mundane things as clean on my big day. The key to enjoying my day tomorrow, though, is getting enough sleep tonight. Since I have a strong proclivity toward staying up late and then sleeping my mornings away, I have to make sure I don't do that. I think the Benedryl I took for my welts ought to cover that, though. I can feel it coming on already. ::yawn::

I think I'm going to ready myself for sleep so that I can watch TV in my bed and fall asleep as the urge overcomes me.



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