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01-13-2002 @ 10:21 p.m.
Writing and Delicious Sundays

We skipped church today. I had every intention of going today as we go every week but when the alarm went off this morning, I started thinking about how unpleasant it would be to wake up Joey given the fact that she had gone to bed at 10pm last night. I also started thinking that if I got her up early to go to church, she would be cranky all day, possibly take a nap, and mess up her sleep for tonight and make tomorrow a problem. I also started thinking that if I let Joey sleep then I could sleep, too, and the whole thing sounded like a great idea so we stayed in bed and it was a nice, quiet, delicious Sunday.

I forgot to mention my new writing book. I have written in here before that I like to write my first drafts by hand. I love the act of writing--the feel of a good pen or sharp pencil over smooth, cool paper. About 3 or 4 years ago when I was doing The Artist's Way, I bought a Boorum & Pease journal/record book. I had inherited one a few years back that I used to write my first novel in and I loved it. So I bit the bullet and bought another one for writing my next novel in. It is a lovely black leather-bound book with red corners and binding. It has 300 pages, an index page and--get this--a ribbon. I *love* that ribbon--it keeps my place so I can find where I'm at in a jiffy. This book makes me feel validated. I makes me feel like my words matter. Like I'm worth it. The book was spendy--more than $50--but I felt like I needed to get a book that would be valuable and would help me to validate my own writing. It does. I love this book. If you like writing by hand, try a Boorum & Pease book. You won't be sorry. You can order them from finer office supply stores (not Office Depot or Staples) or online.

We ate the leftover creme brulees today and can I just say how good they were? Oh man, I've just become my new favorite creme brulee maker. If it weren't so bad for me, I'd make it every week. That's some kick-ass dessert.

I've been having some painful esophageal spasms lately. I've had them before and I don't like them one bit. My BIL gets them periodically and there's not much he can do for them except take some ibuprofen. If they don't go away, I'll make an appointment with my doctor. I'm not sure what she can do about them, though. Maybe there are some new drugs available that will help, though I do not like the idea of taking any other medications.

Now I'm going to write some in my wonderful Boorum & Pease book. Don't you wish you had one?


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