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10-08-2003 @ 10:10 p.m.
Photo-Rama Part II

For dinner tonight, I ate 3 hot Krispy Kreme glazed donuts. I just couldn't control myself. There is one about a half-hour from here and I was out there to go to a certain craft store I like and damned if the "Hot Now" sign wasn't on at the KK store when I drove by. My car turned in without consulting me and I had to follow. In I went and while I was standing there waiting to buy my hot, delicious donuts, they gave me one off the rollers. Dayam, that was tasty. Like a sweet, warm cloud. Mmmmm. I got a dozen to go and told myself I'd only eat one more but then I ate two more. I feel kind of nauseated right now because I also took 4 ibuprofen for my TMJ. So now I'm left to consider the wisdom of eating 3 donuts for dinner. It occurs to me that something with some kind of nutritive value might have been a better choice. But mmmmmm were those donuts tasty. See how I am? Total instant gratification and damn the consequences. I was pretty sure I'd regret eating all those donuts but did I stop? No. Because I'm weak. And stupid. And completely hedonistic. There's nothing more I can say.

Thanks for the comments on my photos. These next four are of the two littlest Griffith children--Julie and Jeremy.

I had a hard time getting photos of Jeremy because he is so small and I couldn't get down on his level like I wanted to, but I did get a few. I like this one where he's looking longingly at his older brothers as they play in the surf.

I've taken lots of pictures of Julie--she's one of my favorite subjects because she is so darling and so very photogenic. I used both of them for my Face of Time study in my last photography class. The photo I took of him was on the day he was born--he was the first photo in the series.

Anyway, Julie was having so much fun playing in the sand, grabbing great handfuls of the stuff and throwing it around. In the process, damp grains of sand stuck to her hair and I captured them in this photo.

In this next one, Julie was twirling around and I used the burst mode on my camera to capture 9 photos of her in motion. I liked this one with her hair flying around her face.

In this last one, Julie was done twirling but her hair was still in quite a bit of disarray and some sand still clung to her hands and hair. I'm not sure if these compressed files will show the detail that the raw files show, but I was pretty impressed with the individual hairs that were caught in sharp detail on my camera.

More tomorrow--my Ed and Joey series.



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