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04-04-2002 @ 12:44 a.m.
Happy Anniversary to Them

On this day in 1958, my parents were wed in front of my mother's parents and a few of my father's army buddies in a small chapel at Fort de Russey on the island of Oahu. That was before it was a state, even. At the time of my mother's death, they were approaching their 37th anniversary. I am absolutely certain that were she still alive, they'd have gone to dinner at Anthony's Homeport in Des Moines and celebrated the completion of their 44th year of wedded bliss. They were so happy together--even had matching parkas at one point. I cherish the fact that they were happily wed and gave my sisters and I an example of endurance and commitment in an increasingly marriage-hostile society. I'm sure that our happy marriages are a result of learning from their example.


I shot 2 more rolls of film today. I have 3 more rolls to take in tomorrow that I'm quite excited about. I talked with my teacher about my two series ideas. He liked the Empty Vessels idea but he also suggested that it could be a work in progress while the Faces of Time series seemed quite time-sensitive and might be one to pursue first. He was quite jazzed about the idea and the sketches I did to illustrate my plan. So toward that end, I took some newborn and 2-year-old pictures. Yesterday I did some 8 year old pictures so if any of those turn out, I'm ahead of the game. I'm so impatient to get my negs developed and prints made. I need to go to the photo store tomorrow and get some more paper. And maybe a Holga disposable medium-format camera.

Bookgroup was tonight--House of Mirth. It was one of our better book discussions--we actually discussed the book and the characters and the plot and the social mileu of the book. It was great! And then around 10pm, we stopped talking about the book and started just chatting. That was fun, too. We're quite loquacious, we are.

My orange jeans come today!!!!! And they look fanfreakingtastic! I put them on immediately and wore them to bookgroup and made everyone tell me how fab they looked. I'm going to wear them tomorrow, too. If you go outside and are blinded by a bright light, it's probably me and my pants. It will pass.


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