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10-17-2003 @ 11:37 p.m.
Busy Week

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. But what the hell is up with the guestbook? I didn't get any email messages telling me that I had new guestbook entries so I didn't know I had them until today when I stumbled in there. I checked my email settings and it's all set up right, the system just sucks.

It was a busy week--Amy bought me a new cell phone on Tuesday. It's a picture phone and it's really really kewl. And my new plan has free minutes if I call any other subscriber so I can talk to Amy for free all day long if I want. That's nice because her home phone is long distance and in-state long distance rates are exorbitant.

Then Tuesday night we went to a school board meeting where they recognized all the students in the three elementary schools in town that exceeded the state benchmarks in reading last year for 3rd grade. Joey was very proud of herself and kind of nervous at the presentation--it was so cute. We were proud of her, too.

Wednesday I taught KM in the morning and made beef stew in the afternoon. I was supposed to go to a cooking class that night but I couldn't get the registration right so I just skipped it. I'll go to another one next month. Thursday, I had the Nephew all day and he was very high maintenance. Not cranky but not content to play on the floor with his toys or in his exersaucer and his naps are very short now--he's the king of the catnap which I purely hate. I can't get a nap when he's sleeping because he wakes up too soon and I can't get much of anything done in 30-35 minutes of his nap so my days with him are not very productive. That night I taught a photography class in the evening at church. I had about 20 students and more who wanted in. The students were very enthusiastic about class and asked me if I'd teach another class so we could go in more depth about some of the stuff I covered, especially in the area of composition. That would be fun.

Today, I had the Nephew starting at 6:15, then took him with me to kinder music, met Amy there and after class we went to lunch, then I went to the new T@rget that is only 12 minutes from my house (much better than the trafficky 20-25 minutes to the other one I usually go to). It's really big--much bigger than the one I've been going to. They even have frozen food there. I spent too much money on boring things like toothpaste, dishwasher soap, toothpaste, cereal, soda and stuff like that. I did buy myself a pair of microfiber fleece jammies in a lovely shade of lavendar which I'm currently wearing.

When I got home, I was so wiped out from getting up early and going to bed after midnight that I had to take a nap. It wasn't as uninterrupted as I'd like but I still got enough rest. Joey has a hard time not waking me up to ask lame-ass questions. It's a good thing I fall asleep again quickly. After my nap and Ed's return from work, we went out to the Halloween store and got Joey's costume (she's a cute devil this year), then we went to the mall for dinner (call me pedestrian, but my favorite Chinese food is at the mall). We topped the evening off with a visit to the bookstore. I read a book on portrait photography for children and infants. It was very informative. I may just go ahead and buy the book for reference.

Anyway, now I'm tired. My house is a little messy--Joey needs to clean out her hamster cage (the bane of my existence), her bathroom needs an overhaul, the laundry needs doing, my stuff from the photography class needs putting away, the floor needs sweeping/dusting, the office needs organized and the guestroom needs the bed made up before Cherry gets here tomorrow. Oh, and I need to wrap her birthday present. I'm not doing any of it tonight--it's midnight after all. We'll do it tomorrow since they won't be here until noon at best, and most likely 1ish, since they're going to visit Grandma on the way here.

I'm glad next week looks lighter, obligation-wise. I need to meet with the other parent helpers, though, and plan the Halloween party for Joey's class.

That's all for now.



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