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10-9-2003 @ midnightish
Photo-Rama Part III

At bookgroup tonight, we called Stacey and sang Happy Birthday to her, this being the 39th anniversary of her birth. She's older than me by 4 days so I have to get my licks in during the short time I have being 38 while she's 39.

Here's my Ed and Joey series from the beach photo shoot.

This first one is just a darn cute picture of my beloved. I turned to him when we were talking and zoomed in really tight and snapped while he was smiling. I love seeing him in a broad smile because his eye crinkles were one of the first things I fell in love with when Ed and I were dating.

While I was shooting pictures, Ed and Joey were walking along the beach, talking and joking. They just looked so sweet together that I had to snap some shots of them coming and going.

When we were leaving, Ed and Joey climbed up on the rocks at the base of the hill and I took a few shots of them there, too. This is one I liked quite a bit.

One of my favorites, though, is this next one. Joey sort of reminds me of a little rabbit cuddled or burrowed in to a safe, warm place. She and Ed were just snuggling there when it started to get colder. Neither of them knew I was taking the pictures so they were true candids. I love the sense of intimacy this picture conveys.

I need to send some of these off to another lab for testing. I still haven't found the perfect lab for processing my prints, though I found one I like better than the consumer labs I was using for snapshots. I've still got some photos out for processing--I should have them in the next few days. And then there's one more lab I want to try, but they require using ftp to upload files for printing or mailing a CD with the photos on it. I would prefer uploading on the web but I guess I could us ftp, if I had to. But wouldn't that mess with my DSL? I'm going to have to call them and ask them some questions.

It's almost 1am now so I'd better go. I've got the nephews coming at 6:30ish tomorrow so I'd better get some sack time.



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