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10-02-2003 @ 1:23 p.m.
Photo Shoot and Other Things

So, yesterday I had a photo shoot with a friend and her family. She called me and asked if I'd do her family portraits this year so we made an appointment. I asked if I could use my kewl new digital camera (have I mentioned that? It's a C@non E0S DSLR 10D with 6.3 megapixels) and promised that if she didn't like the results we could do a reshoot with film. Anyway, we did the shoot yesterday in her backyard and it was really fun. I broke out in my usual Photo Shoot Sheen (photo shoots always make me sweaty and I'm not sure why) but it was great. I brought the camera home and took out the CF card and loaded it into my new laptop and it read the card as my E: drive. I downloaded the files and then played around with them. It was really fun. I converted them all to B&W for comparison with the color ones so they have a choice between color and B&W. Here are 3 of my favorite shots. The first is the family shot that looks best, in my opinion. One of the sons was determined to make nasty faces so just getting a non-grouchy face out of him was good, and then the other son just doesn't smile very much so he's not smiling either, but I like the composition and the balance of this photo.

I thought it would be fun to take some photos of the two girls so I took several shots and then told them to just talk to each other. This is one of my favorite sort-of candid shots.

The last one is a photo of the littlest girl. She was on the swing set so I thought I'd just shoot her personal photos there. I liked the little-girl-ness of this one.

The group pictures look better in B&W because I had the white balance settings wrong when I took the photos and I can't get the color properly corrected in Photoshop. The individual photos had the white balance wrong, too, but I used flash so when I color corrected them in Photoshop, I was able to get true color balance. I don't know how they feel about B&W, though, so I may need to do a reshoot for the family pictures if they insist on color.

In other news, my jaw is killing me. Ever since Aidan whacked me in the jaw with his head one morning, my jaw has been giving me trouble. I've had TMJ problems for years but it's low-level and sleeping with my appliance helps keep it under control. Lately, though, I've been bruxing at night and my TMJ feels swollen. My bite feels a little off, too. It's giving me headaches and making my left ear feel plugged up. I can't stand it. Night before last, I slept without my appliance and woke up yesterday in severe pain. I've been downing the ibuprofen and trying to keep it still as much as possible (difficult for a talker like me) but it's driving me crazy and giving me a whanging headache.

Joey is so excited about being selected as a playground conflict manager. She has a half-day of training tomorrow and she can hardly stand the wait. It's fun to see her so bubbled up about something. There's a parent meeting tonight to explain the program to us so I have to go to the school.

Did I mention that on Joey's actual birthday I brought Burger K i n g food for us to the school and joined her for lunch in the cafeteria? The other kids sitting at our table were so bummed that she had a hamburger, onion rings and a tasty frozen beverage while they had nasty-looking chicken nuggets and ketchup for lunch. "No fair!" they kept saying. (Which is one of the most annoying things kids say these days--everything that doesn't go their way is "no fair." Arrggh!) It was great fun. I can't believe I didn't think of doing that earlier!

My fingernails are too long right now and it's making it very difficult to type on this laptop. I love laptops, really, I do. But you have to have very short fingernails to type properly on them.

Well, I need to go take some more ibuprofen and drink and ice-cold Diet Dr. P, nectar of the Gods. Mmmmm.



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