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09-23-2003 @ 9:56 p.m.
A Bad's Night Sleep

I talked to Stacey today and she is coming to visit this weekend. Yay! She's bringing Bayley over for Joey's big limo birthday party. It will be lots of fun to have the three of them here this weekend. Double yay!

I had cramps again today so it was another slow one. Not that I mind terribly--I've got a full day tomorrow and the nephew on Thursday and lots of shopping and party prep to do that day so it was nice to lay low for a few days. Besides, I had to stay home all day to wait for two packages to arrive. My birthday present arrived. I can hardly wait until Ed gives it to me but I still have 3 weeks to wait. Ack!

My BIL was a rescuer on a terrible accident the other night. A car with 3 people in it drove off a bridge. One passenger was ejected when the car went off the bridge. The car caught fire when it hit the ground and the driver burned to death inside the car and the other passenger got out and ran, burning, down the street. Bystanders put the fire out but the damage was very extensive and he probably won't survive. It was just awful. He ended up getting about a hour and a half of sleep that night. That's the kind of call that stays with you for awhile.

There's just nothing more that can follow that.


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