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09-21-2003 @ 9:47 p.m.

I'm sitting here, looking at the blank screen and feeling rather blank myownself. How odd--I'm rarely at a loss for words. I'm watching the Emmy awards and I'm thinking that having W@nda Sykes do those off-the-cuff, in the audience spots was a mistake. There were some pretty funny spots, though. George Lopez? Hilarious. D@rrell Hammond's Don@ld Rumsfield--very funny. And watching Bill M@cy receive his award was great. And not just because I'm from Portland, Oregon. Macy is a great actor and I think this award is way overdue. And the only reality show worth winning an award actually won one--the Amazing R@ce. I hope this means it will be returning this year--I heard it was up in the air.

Speaking of TV, this week is the big premiere week. Woo hoo! Par-tay time, baby. I don't watch tons of TV but I do enjoy watching some evening dramas. And the occasional comedy. (Very occasional, these days.)

Poor Ed--he hasn't gotten enough sleep for days and days. I think he said that he hasn't gotten more than 5 hours of sleep in the last 5 days. Part of that is my fault--I keep waking him up or keeping him awake at night. At least I try to make it worth his while. ;-)

I have a serious amount of laundry to do. Urgh. Thankfully I have a pretty lean week this week so I'll have time to actually do that laundry. I figure I have 3 loads of Joey clothes and 5 loads of Ed and Lisa clothes and at least 2 loads of towels and sheets. That's a freaking lot of laundry because these are just minimums--there could be another load or two in leftovers that I haven't accounted for. And then there's that whole ironing thing. I'm thinking that there won't be a lot of ironing. Ed's just going to have to do it as he goes along this week.

This is one of my lamer entries so I'll spare your eyes from actually bleeding and cut this short.


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