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08-24-03 @ 6:09 a.m.
Sleep? What's That?

I have just awoken from one of the worst night's sleep I've ever had. It could scarcely be called sleep, it was so interrupted and weird. I had very weird, indescribable dreams that were kind of stressful. In one, I was staying in a cabin with some people and for some reason, I knew that I was going to be kidnapped by some bad guys who were camping nearby, laying in wait, so I decided that I needed to gather my things together and go on the lam in the woods. Just the idea makes me shudder right now.

And I woke up at 3am with hot feet. These are not your run of the mill hot feet that you can stick out of the covers and cool off. These hot feet were pathologically hot. It was quite cool in our room--cold enough that we needed warm blankets to sleep under last night--and still, my feet could not cool off. I finally had to get out of bed and run cold water over my feet to chill them. Then I dried them off and crawled back in bed, careful not to let my feet get near the covers. It was tricky because we have only a queen-sized bed and I had to leave me feet hanging off the bed to do it.

And then I woke up at about 10 minutes to 6am terribly congested and with one nostril feeling like it was running water out of it. I tried to stave it off but eventually I sneezed and then the dam totally broke. My nose was just pouring out. It was terribly unpleasant. My fall allergies have begun in earnest, apparently. So I just got out of bed. My nephew will be here around 6:20 so I had to get up anyway, but I wasn't expecting to have to get up a half hour early (especially after such a crappy night).

It reminded me of camping when there'd be bumps under my sleeping bag or it'd be really cold. I would keep waking up and willing morning to come just so I could get out of that stupid tent.

I'm heading to the beach today until Wednesday. Hopefully, my allergies won't be bad there. I find that I rarely have trouble with allergies at the beach.

Oh--sounds like Aidan is here. Gotta run.


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