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05-14-2003 @ 9:03 p.m.
Sisters and Pictures

I spent the day with Amy and her babe. Joey was out of school because of budget cuts today so she and her friend came with me. The highlight of the day was when all of us, baby included, went into the hot (warm) tub for a little soak. He absolutely *loved* it. It was only about 98 degrees so it was perfect for him. After about 10 or 15 minutes, he fell fast asleep in my arms, happy as a little clam. It amazes me the simple things that are so fun and satisfying. And have I mentioned lately how much I adore my little sister? She totally rocks.

If you're interested in my work, here are some pictures I took of my friend. She and I did a photo shoot in January and just recently scanned these in and uploaded them to her website. It was fun to pop into her site and see my stuff there.

It's been a pretty quiet week so far. Tomorrow, Amy and I are shopping for scrapbooking materials, scrapbooking, and exchanging some stuff I bought for Joey on Monday. There was a great sale on summer clothes at Toys Are Us so I bought some things for her. Almost everything fit perfectly except one skort so I told her I'd exchange it in a different size. They've got some cute stuff there--I was pretty impressed with their selection.

Friday is our Spring Moms-Only Retreat at the beach. And both my sisters will be coming. I can't tell you how excited I am about this--Cheri has never gone to one of our retreats. Amy's only been to the Moms & Tots retreat that we do in August so this will be great fun for all of us, I think. I'm planning on doing some big time scrapbooking. That reminds me--I need to bring a lamp. I'm thinking I might bring my own table, too, just to make sure that all of us scrapbookers have enough space to spread out.

I need to go watch West W!ng now to find out what happened to the president's d@ughter.



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