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04-08-2003 @ 7:36 a.m.
Anyone Want a Nine Year Old Girl? Going Cheap!

I'm gonna kill that kid.

Sunday night after I put her to bed, I walk down the hall 20 minutes later and has her book light switched on and she's reading. I gave her 5 more minutes to read but at 10pm, she was still reading. Ed put the kaibosh and her late night reading and she went to sleep.

So yesterday, she's very tired. Hmmm...wonder why. She's so tired, in fact, that she can't possibly practice her piano without crying and carrying on. So at 7:35, while she's painfully trying to practice, I send her to bed and tell her I'll get her up at 6:15 to finish her practice. She gets to bed by 8pm and things look good until she realizes that we're watching Fear Factor. She gets out of bed, tries to convince us to either let her watch it or not watch it at all until today when we can all watch it together on tape.

When her entreaties fail, she decides it would be a good time for a tantrum. And so ensued at least an hour of crying and carrying on. It was pathetic.

Flash forward to 6:15 this morning. She's tired. Hmmmm...this is not a surprise to me. She does get up after much whininess and tries to practice though she's cranky (again, not a surprise) and so are Ed and I. She tells me she's too tired to go to school. No dice, Kid. You don't get to throw a tantrum at night and then get rewarded for it by being able to stay home from school. No freaking way.

She tries, unsuccessfully, to get me to see it her way until it's time to go. She wasted so much time that now she'll have to run to the bus stop at which news she falls even further apart, as if such a thing were possible. I decide to drive her to the stop because I can't stand it for one more second.

I inform her on said ride to bus stop that there will be punishment for her behavior (though she thinks having to go to school tired is punishment enough). She begs me not to take her hamster away. I tell her I'll let her know later what her punishment it because I want to talk it over with Dad. I don't know what to do with the little shit. The thing that would be the most punishment for her would be to have to put her hamster in "time out" for a day or two. Truthfully, I don't know what else to do. Take away her TV privileges? Computer privileges? Ground her til she's 31? I don't know what to do with her. I'm so frustrated with her attitude lately that I'm ready to beat her about the head with whatever blunt instrument I find first but then I'll have all those questions to answer from the police so that won't work. I'm at my wit's end. She's too young to start acting like a teenager. I'm so glad we have a beach retreat coming up. I hope I can last the month until it's time to run away. And I wish I were going for a week instead of just a weekend. She's treading on my last few nerves.

I can't remember the last time I was this frustrated with her. Probably when she was four and decided that she was the Queen of the Freaking World and where was her damn tiara, anyway? I don't think the things that worked then will work now, though. She's past the point of sticker charts. I'm just gonna have to lock her away in her room for a few days so I don't kill her because I think it could come to that if she doesn't cease her ratty behavior immediately.



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