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04-03-2003 @ 8:04 a.m.
Early April Happenings

I know--can you believe the time on this entry? What's wrong with this picture? I should be sleeping!

April Oneth was amusing at our house. Joey and I planned a prank for Ed that really worked. When he got home, I greeted him at the door, as usual, and then said in a semi-serious voice, "Joey has head lice." He looked dismayed and said "What? Really? That's awful!" "Come in the kitchen and see," I said. He put down his stuff and came into the kitchen. There stood Joey with a small pile of rice on her head. "Oh, that's right, it's head rice not head lice," I said while Joey and I cracked up. Ed laughed and laughed and was very relieved that we didn't have to de-louse the house. We were still giggling about it hours later.

Yesterday, Joey became the proud owner of a teddy bear hamster with panda markings. Her name? Panda, of course. Which is better than the previously planned name of Sporty. She's a very young and nervous hamster so we'll be working over the next days and weeks to tame her and calm her down. I hope she's tameable. Joey will be very sad if she remains too nervous to hold. We jumped the gun yesterday and tried to hold her but she jumped out of Joey's hands and ran around the floor while we tried to catch her, then she ran smack into the cat who looked at her with some amount of amusement but no amount of interest (thankfully). The cat slowed her down enough, though, that we were able to recapture her and put her back into her home but not before she peed on Nicole (a friend and experienced hamster owner) and my hand. Ick! Hamster urine is very very strong and stinky. Blech. Two of Joey's friends have very tame hamsters that they were able to hold right away but Panda is not like that. We'll have to see how this pans out. Hopefully we won't have the dreaded wet tail experience I've heard about. This would be very sad.

It's been 3 days since I've seen my nephew and it's nearly killing me. I'll see him for a short time tomorrow when we go to Kinder Music but I need more hanging out and holding time! I'm hoping I can get Amy to hang out here after her midwife checkup tomorrow afternoon so I can get more baby time.

My house continues to be untidy. I just haven't had the inspiration or motivation to do much about it. It's not really bad but our bedroom is a disaster of clean clothes (thankfully they're clean and not dirty) and books and gym bags and a few other assorted things that have made their own way to our room and taken up housekeeping. I wish I could get a housekeeper to take up housekeeping here. It's certainly not me.

I'm supposed to go to Joey's classroom today. I'll get dressed soon and head over there. I'm also supposed to be calling parents and asking them to volunteer time at the school's carnival at the end of the month but I really hate hate hate doing phone calling like that. I just can't stand it. If I ever had a job that involved cold calling, I think I'd die. Then again, the chances of that happening are so remote as to not warrant concern. But I still have to fill out that sheet with names of volunteers. Gah! How did this become my responsibility??? Perhaps I can pass it along to someone else, huh? Which reminds me, I need to call one of the moms in Joey's class who left me a message yesterday.

I guess I'd better go get dressed. It's very cold this morning. We've had some big swings in temperature around here--up to 70 on Friday and today it's in the 40s. Man, I hate that! I start thinking it's all springy and then wham! Winter rears its ugly head. Yesterday we had several hailstorms and lots of big rain. Blech! I'm all ready for summer. I'm tired of being cold. (Good thing I don't live in the midwest or some place that is actually cold.)



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