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03-26-2003 @ 6:57 p.m.
Check Out That Kid!

I've got photos! Thanks to my dear friend Mary, I can show you a picture of my very darling nephew and one of me holding my very darling nephew. I'm not wearing any makeup in the photo, but I guess that's par for the course--I only wear makeup about half the time anyway. Here they are:

So. Whaddaya think? Isn't he just perfect?

Today was Mother-and-Daughter-Shopping-Day. Joey and I went out to sushi for lunch and then went to Nordstrom and bought her very first real bras. It was fun and I think she's quite happy with our selection. It's hard to believe I have a bra-wearing child--neither of us seem old enough for that--but that's the way of the world these days. ::sigh::

Tomorrow I'm spending the whole day with Amy and the babe. She's ready to get out a bit, though I'm making sure that she takes it super easy. (That means *I* get to carry the baby. The sacrifices I make for my sister.) We're going to Pier 0ne for something she wants--placemats, I think--and then to Grandma's. I'll help give Grandma a bath while Amy and Aidan relax on the couch. My job tomorrow, though, is to make sure she doesn't overdo it. She's tough and has a high pain threshold so she doesn't realize when she needs to rest sometimes. I, however, am a wimp so I know when she needs to rest. The only way Chad would go to work tomorrow is if I would come and monitor her. He's so funny.

Spring break is half over already. Man, it's going too fast! I want more time to play. I can't wait until summer vacation!

My friend Brittany had a baby yesterday. Babies are just popping out all over, I tell you! I went to the hospital to see her and she's doing great. Her baby is exactly 2 lbs. smaller than Aidan and he looks like such a pipsqueak. Or rather, Aidan looks like such a chunk! I think Joey was 2 months old before she weighed 9 lbs. But she started out life almost 3 lbs. smaller than him, too.

Ed's been messing around with the computer. He installed a new boot drive so now we have two 80GB hard drives. He also set up separate desktops for the three of us. He and I have passwords on our desktops but Joey doesn't. It's kind of nice but I had to re-do my email message rules for spam. Not too bad, I guess. I'm still trying to figure out where stuff is because he moved the files around but that's ok, too. At least I know that nothing on my desktop will be changed. I'm using that picture of Aidan as my background--I love it. He also set up the video card for showing TV. It's kind of cool--I can open up the program and run the TV as a background program while I'm surfing. I can just listen to a program or I can make my adjust the size of my screen so that I can watch at the same time. Not that I need to watch more TV but sometimes I want to listen to a program while I'm surfing or writing in my diary. I used to keep my laptop in the family room and would surf/write while I watched TV all the time because I have a hard time just sitting and watching TV--I need to have my hands busy while I watch--and when we changed our network so that I couldn't get DSL in the family room, I stopped using the computer because I didn't like feeling all secluded in the office. Perhaps I'll be updating more frequently now--you never know.

I need to get going now--Joey's champing at the bit to get on the computer. Our house is a bit untidy, too, so I should do a little putting away. Just what I *love* to do. That and laundry. ::sigh:: By the way--I totally missed the two year anniversary of Lobotomyland. How did that happen? Wow! Two freaking years. Whodathunkit?



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