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03-22-2003 @ 5:40 p.m.
He's Here!

My baby sister is a mom. And she is tougher than nails, too! That baby was OP (occiput posterior, or sunny-side up) and weighed 9 lbs. 3 oz. and she has a small pelvis so his head just wouldn't engage the right way so after a couple hours of pushing and trying many different positions (hands and knees, standing, squatting, on left side, on right side, sitting, and "climbing the rope," they had to section her. The midwife worked with her for a long time but he was just a stubborn little guy.

She dilated quickly--went from 3cm to 6cm in about 20 minutes and then went to complete in about 30 more minutes. She didn't have an epidural or any other drugs--that girl is one determined mama. They did give her a spinal for the c-section, though.

One exciting part was when she got to the hospital and was at the admit desk. She asked for an emesis basin and then proceeded to fill it almost to the brim. You should have seen the worried look in the receptionist's eyes. I'm sure she was more worried for her own safety (and cleanliness) than for Amy's nausea because Amy was right over the admission desk. I found it kind of comical but Amy wasn't too amused by it. She spent the first hour at the hospital clinging to a barf bowl because every contraction made her nauseated.

She was totally in her own zone. She hardly opened her eyes at all the entire time--she was just deeply relaxed and into her own self, dealing with her contractions and pushing. Almost like she was doing self-hypnosis, which is what she was doing, I guess. Her Bradley instructor would be so proud!

So Aidan shares a birthday with Johann Sebastian Bach and the first day o' spring. It's just the coolest thing ever. I mean, aside from my own little one gracing this family. Makes me want to have a baby so so so so so so so bad. Despite everything she went through. She's my absolute hero.


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