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02-14-2003 @ 8:04 a.m.
Good News for Grandma

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all. My sweet husband surprised me by doing the dishes last night after I went to bed. I had fully expected to wake up to a sink full of dishes and a dishwasher filled with clean dishes (which is why the dishes didn't get done after dinner last night--I hate to empty the dishwasher) but instead, I was greeted with a sparkling clean sink and counter. Definitely got my day off to a nice start.

Yesterday was a good day. For a few months now, I've been so stressed out about what we were going to do with Grandma. Her mental status is deteriorating to the point that it's not safe for her to live alone and I really didn't want to move her in here. I'm a terrible terrible grandchild but I just didn't want to give up my guest room, especially since it gets so much use from Ed, Jordyn (when she has sleepovers), and the treadmill lives there, and the closet is full of things that have no other place to live and I'm just selfish selfish selfish. I would have moved her here as a last resort but I was really hoping not to need to. Anyway, she was evaluated by Medicaid yesterday and she qualified for full benefits. That means that she can move into a nice assisted living place in a studio apartment of her own (which is her preference) and have people to help her with her meds and bathing, new friends to hang out with, meals prepared, and will be in a safe environment so that if she has problems in the middle of the night (like she did last week and was too disoriented to know what to do) there will be someone there to help her. Amy and I breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Actually, we cried some tears of relief, too. Today we'll visit the new assisted living center near Amy's house and see what it's like and if they have a room for her.

Have I mentioned what a huge weight this is off my shoulders? Grandma's excited about it, too.

Today, Amy and I are painting her nursery. It will be a lovely lavendar-y shade above the chair rail and sage green below. We're going to do a dragging technique with the green paint to give the room some texture. We also have some whimsical stamps to put on the wall in the puppy dog theme that she chose for her nursery. I think it will be really cute. And the colors are so pretty together.

A supplementary state income tax measure was defeated in this state last month. They (whoever they are) threatened that schools would be shortchanged and services to seniors would be cut if the measure didn't pass. So instead of looking at putting salaries back in line with the market (I've heard from state employees who actually complain that they're getting paid too much for what they do!) and fixing the state retirement fund that is sucking the lifeblood out of the state budget and making adjustments to the state health plan for low-income individuals (like not covering viagr@ and some other very optional items), they're taking money away from the schools. It's so petty and vindictive. The school districts are cutting days--ours is cutting between 7 and 9 this year--and librarians were told to make cuts that would be felt by the parents as a punitive measure for not passing the income tax increase. How whacked is that? It pisses me off. The upshot of this whole thing is that today is the first day of cancelled school. The reader boards all say that school is closed due to lack of funding but there was never an official notice sent by the school indicating that there would be no school today. Not only that but instead of just shortening the school year by taking those days off all in a row at the end of the year, they're taking them off piecemeal during the remainder of the school year for maximum inconvenience of the parents as another punitive measure for not passing the tax hike. Not that it affects me because I'm a "house mommy" as Joey likes to say. But it still pisses me off. To make things worse--I woke up early today. Arrggh! Anyone who knows me knows I relish sleeping in more than almost anything in the world and I knew I didn't have to get up until 8:30 or so today. But what happened? I woke up perky as can be at 7am. Seven freaking AM. I shorted myself out of 90 minutes of blissful sleep for no reason. I just woke up. No alarm. Nothing. Just *bing* awake. I hate that.

Enough of this.

I've seen some interesting mixed messages lately. A few days ago I was driving behind an M-class Mercedes SUV with the license plate UNMPLD which I can only surmise to mean 'unemployed'. What's that supposed to mean on the back of a luxury car? And then a little while ago I saw a SlimF@st commercial that made me giggle. There were several women touting the advantages of the SlimF@st diet and one woman said "SlimF@st makes it so easy to lose weight!" while small print on the bottom of the screen said "Losing weight is not easy. Use SlimF@st in conjuction with a diet and exercise plan." What's next? If you can just contradict anything your actors say in a commercial with small print, we should be seeing some very interesting commercials in the near future. And it will all be cleaned up with "We're just kidding--our product doesn't really do that" in small print on the bottom of the screen. Sheesh!

And now it's time for me to take a shower and tidy up the house before departing to paint.



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