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01-20-2003 @ 12:57 p.m.
Where Does the Time Go?

Wow--that week went fast.

I'm trying to remember what exactly happened last week and I'm drawing a big fat blank. Let's see--Joey got her spacers in preparation for her palate expander. So far it hasn't been too painful for her. But I made sure to give her ibuprofen before it started hurting and kept it up for a few days. She didn't eat much for a few days, though. Finally on Saturday, her teeth felt strong enough to tackle some sushi so we went to our favorite place and she ate three and a half plates of the stuff. That's a lot for her little tummy. It was the first time she'd felt full in several days. Poor kid!

Good Lord--there must have been something I did last week besides ferry Joey to the orthodontist. What did I do? Hmmmm...Oh yes. I had a photo shoot with my fried Gwen. She wanted some B&W shots so I had her come over to my place and we shot 3 rolls. It was great fun. I can't wait to see what they look like.

Yesterday we all stayed in our jammies all day. No showers, no nothing. No one even rang up our phone. We were serious hermits. I *loved* it. It was like we were snowed in or something. I wouldn't like that degree of isolation every day but it's nice once in a while. And staying in your PJs all day simply can't be beat. (When you're not sick, I mean.)

We hung with the Griffins Friday and Saturday night. They are such fun. We played our new game again--I really like it. I won--I had a good strategy and it paid off. Friday night was Chris's 13th birthday and he invited Ed to his party. I just thought that was so cute! They played interactive computer games where there were about 8 kids/adults all on different computers playing W@rcr@ft in teams against each other. The guys really like that game. I did some scrapbooking with Delyn and Joey. I got Joey set up on a new scrapbook and she did her first page Friday night. It was very cute. She really latched on to the concept of journaling in scrapbooks, too. She'll be a master scrapbooker in no time under my tutelage.

Speaking of scrapbooking, we're meeting with Stacey and Bayley to go to a really kewl scrapbooking store way the hell in NE Portland this afternoon since there's no school today. I'm quite excited about it. (It's nice when you're easily amused/excited.)

Joey pulled out a bicuspid last night. She wrote a very nice and detailed letter to the Tooth Fairy telling how she loosened it and pulled it out. It was very cute. The Tooth Fairy left her $5. She said "I think everyone must have different tooth fairies because Nichole only got $1 for her tooth and Moira got a dollar and a little note. I really like my tooth fairy." Hmmm...we'll see what she comes up with next.

I cleaned up the house and rearranged the furniture yet again. I'm still trying to find that elusive perfect arrangement for my living room. I'm not sure there is a good furniture arrangement for that room. It's too narrow to really do what I want to do. It's supposed to be a living room and dining room but now it's a living room and music area. It never worked as two "rooms" anyway. I don't know what they were thinking when they laid out that room. If you didn't need a walkway to the front door, the dimensions would be fine but when you have to allow a decent walkway to exit the house, it makes for some tricky furniture arranging. Especially if you don't want to just line the walls with furniture, which I really hate to do. I think I've got something with this current arrangement, though. I need to find a good coffee table. Not just an ordinary one, though. One with character. Like something old that can be repurposed as a coffee table. A sled, for example. Or an old wagon. Or a trunk. Or something like that. I'll just have to keep my eyes open--I'll know it when I see it.

Time to head out to the scrapbook store. I'm going to try my best to be virtuous and not spend lots of money. Wish me the best.


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