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01-13-2003 @ 5:26 p.m.
Bookgroup Recap

Oddly enough, I was saddened yesterday to hear of Maurice Gibb's death. It's not like I'm a big BeeGees fan or anything (though I did wear out the grooves on my Saturday Night Fever album those many years ago) but they were such nice guys. And now one is dead. I can't help but feel very sorry for his family. I know they're a close-knit group--this must be very devastating.

Bookgroup last week was wonderful. The ribs were some of the best I've ever made and I found a new method for doing them that is about 300 times easier than the way I was doing them. Much less labor-intensive for really incredible results. I want to make more ribs. More and more and more ribs. And smoke myself a chicken. Mmmm. When I was a young'un, my dad used to stop at a place called the C@veman in Renton on his way home from the racetrack and bring us back delectable smoked ribs and whole smoked chickens. They were beyond delicious. I'm going to try to reproduce their efforts in my special smoky barbecue. I'll keep you posted.

The discussion was quite lively. In fact, there were a few times when I had to intervene to limit the speakers to 1 because everyone had something to say right that very moment but none of it was being heard and the volume kept escalating and escalating. We're going to have to figure out a way to make sure that whoever has the floor keeps it until she's done making her point. Perhaps I should get a conch and we can pass it around like in L0rd of the Flies? I know that several times I've wanted to say "Be quiet--I have the conch!" But I'd rather have a lively group like this than a quiet group that has no opinions. You could never accuse us of having no opinions.

The book (L0vely B0nes) is highly discussable--I'd recommend it to any book group. It's not as depressing as you might think, given that it's a story told from the eyes of a 14-yr-old girl who is in heaven after being raped and murdered by her neighbor. It's much more life-affirming and hopeful. It's about going on in spite of pain and loss and separation. It's about forgiveness and love and family dynamics. I liked it very much.

Ed stayed home from work last night--he's had an upset stomach since yesterday morning, off and on. He stayed home and did as much work from here as he could, trying to keep his all-night schedule. He'll be going in this evening, though. Joey ended up with an upset stomach last night, too, and thought she was going to throw up but she didn't. She didn't fall asleep until almost 10pm and then woke up twice before 6am because she thought she was going to barf so I kept her home. By noon, I was asking her how she felt and I think she felt guilty for not being sick anymore but staying home so she was telling me that she felt a little better. I told her I was pretty sure she felt all the way better but it was ok with me, that I mostly kept her home because of lack of sleep. She was glad to hear that. Funny girl--trying to justify staying home when it was my idea to keep her home in the first place.

It was a dark grey rainy day in Portland town today. Not that this is news to any Portlanders--we're famous for our grey winter skies. But it was bleak nonetheless. I went out at 4:30 to cash a check I got yesterday and to pick up a few groceries and had to use my headlights. Sheesh. It really bums me out. I'm wondering if I should increase my Celex@--I've been awfully snippy and irritable lately which is one of the key symptoms of my depression. I wouldn't do it without my doctor's approval, of course, but I'm wondering if I should ask her. Then again, it could just be the weather--I was quite happy and pleasant last week when it was sunny and gorgeous. Maybe some full-spectrum lightbulbs and exercise will be better for me anyway.

I made some very tasty chicken noodle soup yesterday with the chicken carcus I had in the fridge. I cooked the noodles separately in some reserved broth so that they wouldn't go all mushy in the leftover soup. Last time I didn't do that and the next day's soup (which should be better than the first day's soup) wasn't very good because of the mush factor. I'm planning to have it for dinner tonight.

Time to get Joey to do her piano practice. Later!


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