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10-27-2002 @ 3:29 p.m.
Great Family Visits

I'm not sure what I did last week that kept me so busy. Wednesday was a full day but the rest were just moderately busy. Oh yeah, I did spend two days trying to get rid of the klez virus that mysteriously attacked me. I'm not sure who sent it to me. I didn't even have to open up the attachment for it to go to work, the little bastard. But I've got anti-virus running again (it was neglected when we reformatted this hard disk a few months ago) so I won't be spreading germs around anymore.

So, Wednesday. It started with Amy arriving at 10am. We went to pick up her boudoir photos (which turned out quite well) and then we went to two maternity consignment shops where she found a darling pair of pleather maternity pants that fit her perfectly. They're the cutest maternity clothes I've ever seen!

We were supposed to pick up Grandma and take her to lunch but my cousin (whom I haven't seen in 15 years) called and said he was in town and could he and his fiancee and her mother come see us? The last I heard of this young man, he was strung out on drugs and alcohol and stealing from his grandmother to get money for more drugs. I wasn't sure what to expect but I hoped for the best. They arrived at my door and he looked great. He is half Japanese and spent most of his adolescence in Hawaii with his father. He met his fiancee there and they moved back to Seattle where the family lives. She is a sweet, wonderful young woman with a warm and lovely mother. We felt like family instantly. Turns out that Ryan cleaned himself up a few years ago and has been working as a counselor at an adolescent drug and alcohol rehab place for the past two years and was just promoted to a supervisory position. He's got a great job, he's clean and sober, he's got a wonderful fiancee and they have a great future in front of them. It so warmed my heart to see him and hear about his recovery.

After he left and Amy left, Grandma stayed and we fixed a nice dinner for my Papa. He comes to town every few months and I always make a special dinner for him with either chocolate cake or banana cream pie for dessert. This time it was roast pork tenderloin, sauteed apples and onions, rice and gravy and steamed brocolli and cauliflower. He was delighted with the meal and especially the pie. My mother was a fabulous cook and he was quite spoiled in that regard. Ever since my mother's death, I've tried to pamper him as much as I could with good food when he visits. It's a way to pay tribute to my mother's memory and to show my father how much I love him and to remind him of my mom (not that he needs reminding, of course). Anyway, it was a lovely day topped off by an even lovelier evening.

And then Cheri and John came for the weekend. It's rare that I can see my entire family all in the same week but it happened this week. We didn't do much besides hang out but it was nice to see them. Cheri took Joey shopping yesterday afternoon at a few great discount stores nearby and they had a great time.

Last night we had our annual church Halloween party at a member's big horse barn. It was great fun and well attended but I'm still suffering some of the effects of the night. All that hay and dust just gave my lungs fits. I was wheezy last night and used my inhaler and needed it again today. Ack! I'm feeling better now but my lungs still feel a bit tickly. I hate having asthma.

I'm sitting here wondering how it got to be October 27th so quickly. It just feels like time is screaming by and I can't stop worrying that Christmas is going to be here any minute and somehow I'll be all behind and have no gifts purchased or mailed and no Christmas decorations. Why is this stressing me out so much? I dreamt the other night that big elephants where chasing me on this dirt road and I kept having to scramble up the hill and hide in a cave so they wouldn't squish me. Every time I'd venture out, they'd come storming around the bend again and chase me. I dunno but I'm thinking there's some kind of symbolism there.


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