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10-03-2002 @ 3:28 p.m.
Anniversary of Parenthood

Nine years ago on this day, we received the most wonderful, amazing gift in the world. A social worker place a fuzzy, squiggly infant in our arms and said "Meet your new daughter." It's hard to believe that it's been nine years already--it has gone by so quickly and so much has changed since then--but at the same time, it's almost hard to remember what our lives were like before she joined our family and helped me fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a mother.

Last weekend was birthday party extraordinaire. On Friday, 5 little girls descended upon us for a slumber party. It was actually one of the easiest parties I've thrown for Joey. They played together for a few hours and then they each made their own individual pizzas before we went to the local paint-your-own-pottery place for some arts and crafts activity. Then we returned home for the decorating of the cupcakes and opening of the gifts. After all that, they got in their PJs, cracked their lightsticks, turned out the lights and watched a DVD until they were all asleep. It was virtually painless (except that I was pretty much isolated to the bedroom with my snacks and TV while Ed had to work until 1am in the home office to fix a minor work emergency). The next morning, after French toast, all but one was gone by 9:45. How easy is that?

Joey got a lot of great gifts and money--she's pretty excited about the money part ($60 total, which is a small fortune for her). The digital camera we gave her was a huge hit, especially because it takes video with sound. She's been having a blast with it. (I've enjoyed playing with it, too, I must say.)

So now the birthdays are over until mine in 10 days. Seems like the fun never stops around here. We'll have little 2-year-old Julia for the weekend which ought to have us hopping around plenty. I promised Joey I'd compensate her for helping to babysit. We're taking them to the big pumpkin patch on Saturday which hopefully will tire her out plenty.

The fall weather is coming in nicely. It's been on the cool side with a bit of rain here and there. I like it--turtlenecks, sweaters--my favorite clothing.

Yesterday I took some nice boudoir pictures of Amy. She had some in mind that she wanted taken before she looked too pregnant. It was a really fun way to spend the afternoon. Just delightful. Plus we got a lot of laughing in which is always nice.

I feel the need to do something more productive than sit here at the computer where I've been for the past 2 hours. Some friends are wanting to move to this area so I did some job hunting for them on a few websites and sent them the links. But now my but is numb and I'm feeling really lazy because I haven't done much of anything at all. I need to figure out what I'm making for us and the neighbors for dinner tonight--I'm feeling like chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy myself. With a brocolli chaser. Mmmmm...perfect fall food.



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