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09-23-2002 @ 3:03 p.m.
Ed's Forty!

Oh good grief! I just accidentally replaced the entry I wrote about the past week with the entry I wrote previous to that. I can't believe I did such a knucklehead thing!

Well, the gist of the entry was that it was a crazy busy week with Joey's curriculum night at school, a BBQ at her school, babysitting Delyn's kids all Tuesday afternoon and planning/executing Ed's surprise birthday party.

It was a great surprise party, too. He was completely surprised which is no small feat considering it's not the first surprise party I've thrown. I was thinking he might suspect it but there was enough to the rouse to keep him in the dark until everyone leapt out from behind the corners and covered him with silly string. (That was the best part--there was a LOT of silly string, too.)

We had BBQ chicken, teriyaki chicken skewers, bratwurst, pea salad, veggies, 7-layer dip, chips and chocolate cake at the party. I had so much fun putting it all together and then pulling it off. The only way I was able to pull it off, though, was through Russell and Delyn's great help and hosting. We decorated their house with streamers and little 40 stickers and garland and confetti--it was very festive. Amy and Chad even made it which was nice. Amy makes it to most things but Chad often bogues out.

Sunday I put together Delyn's studio window. It turned out so fun--I suspended kindermusic instruments from monofilament so it looks like they are dancing or playing by themselves. I put a glockenspiel on the bottom and then suspended two mallets over it so it totally looks like it is playing by itself. Then for color, I put silk fall foliage garlands around the edges and sandwiched pairs of silk leaves together on the monofilament so it looks like the leaves are floating or falling from the sky. It's really kewl--I'm quite happy with it. I think being her window dresser/decorator will be so much fun!

This looks to be a busy week again--I've got Joey's birthday slumber party Friday/Saturday, a family dinner/birthday party on Sunday, the annual Bowl-a-Rama for September birthdays on Saturday and lots of sewing to do this week so I can put the sewing stuff away. I need to at least make the pillows that match the ottoman so that the ottoman doesn't look like a loner in the family room. I was supposed to have a photo shoot with Amy on Wednesday, too, but that got moved to next week which is fine by me.

I spent a few hours with Grandma this afternoon going through her mail with her (she gets confused by solicitations for donations--she thinks they're bills) and then taking her to lunch and the grocery store. I'm going to try to do that every Monday since my schedule is more open and flexible now. She needs something to look forward to every week so I think that would be a good thing.

I can't remember what else I wrote in my other entry but it's time for me to get moving again so I guess I'll go. I'll be sure not to overwrite this one again.



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