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09-09-2002 @ 2:51 p.m.
The Wonderful World of Fabric

Crock pot cooking rocks. I spent 15 minutes putting together dinner for tonight and in four hours, it will be a tasty, balanced, all-in-one meal. I love that. I love cooking as an event but maintenance cooking leaves a lot to be desired.

Saturday, Ed and I went to the fabric store Saturday and got more stuff--he wants to reupholster the ottoman so we got some for that and then more for window treatments and pillow batting. It was lots of fun. I love fabric stores! I just wish I knew what to do with all that great fabric! I went to the quilt store today to find more fabric, too, for lining of my window treatment and just went crazy. The colors and textures and patterns were so divine. I have to be careful or I'll end up quilting or something scary like that. Like I have time to take up a new hobby. Criminy!

I went to visit Grandma today. She had lost her checkbook and cash a month ago and tore her apartment trying to find it. All her neighbors had helped her but to no avail. And then today, when she was doing something else, she found it. She was so excited that she offered to pay for our lunch this afternoon and bought my tissue and sandwich bags at the grocery store. She was so cute. She perseverates on things, good and bad, and it can be really funny sometimes. She told me three times how she found her checkbook and $60 in cash and how happy she was to have it back, bless her heart.

This week looks to be warm again. Last week was quite chilly which I actually enjoyed. I always love the beginning of a new season. But this week it will be in the low 80s so I'll be back in summer clothes again. I'm ready to break out the turtlenecks again--I love them so much.

My neck is much improved but Saturday was really bad. I felt almost like I needed a neck brace. After driving around and running errands, I had to go back home and lie down to rest it. Sunday was better and today is better still but it's not yet 100%. As long as it's improving, though, I'm ok.

I need to go blow my nose now. Allergy season has returned with the late blooming grasses and weeds so I'm snuffy again. Blech.


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