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08-15-2002 @ 12:42 p.m.
The Trouble With Dreams

The strange dreams have returned. Of late, I've had some kind of dream obsession with cows and bulls and horses. Night before last, I spent my sleeping hours trying to escape from bulls in a big farm kind of thing that was set up sort of like a state fair barn but with other stuff, too. It was quite strange and I just kept getting stuck in places where bulls were coming at me and I had to dodge into stalls or down hallways to make sure that I didn't get hooked on the business end of a bull's horns.

Then last night I dreamt I was walking down a road with Ed near where I grew up where there were several small produce farms and turf farms. But then a bunch of cows, bulls and horses came down a dirt road and walked down road in front of us. My problem was that this one horse kept trying to sit on me. It was backing up into me and I was trying to get away from it so it wouldn't squash me against a wall or sit on me. It was quite a serious concern and the guy who was in charge of the animals kept trying to get the horse away from me.

I've spent many hours around barnyard animals and rode horses daily for much of my childhood and adolescence. I'm not sure where these strange dreams are hailing from. I certainly know my way around an animal and none has ever tried to sit on me. Perhaps it's metaphorical--there's something big and looming out there that I'm trying to avoid? Hmmm...I don't want summer vacation to end and I don't want school to start again. That doesn't seem as ominous as the animals appear in the dreams, though. It's crazy.

My painting turned out great. The family room and kitchen look fab. It's so great to sit in the family room and look around at the rich, intense color on my walls. It makes me smile just to write about it.

Tomorrow we head out to the Gorge to see David Bowie, Moby, Blue Man Group, Busta Rhymes (could live without him) and a few no-name filler types. It's going to be a lot of fun, I'm sure. I need to get the oil changed before we go, though. I'm feeling mighty darn lazy though. I'm still in morning lounging clothes at noon-thirty. I ought to eat breakfast and get going. ::sigh:: A few days of 95+ and 100+ heat just suck the lifeblood out of me. Plus, I didn't get very restful sleep since I was running from horses all night. I think it's time for a nap. After breakfast, of course.



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