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08-08-2002 @ 6:03 p.m.
Watching Paint Dry

This is my 400th entry! That's a freaking lot of entries, I'm pleased to say. At the moment, I'm drenched in sweat and feeling quite grimy at the moment. I just finished painting the lime green portion of the kitchen and as soon as I catch my breath, I'm going to paint the yellow portion of the kitchen and family room. This has been no easy task as we have 13' ceilings so I've had to climb up and down and up and down and up and down all day. My quads are going to be quite sore tomorrow, I'm sure. That's on top of yesterday climbing up and down many times to take down all the decorations and plants from the plant ledges. Good exercise!

I spent the day washing silk plants and tchotchkes yesterday afterwhich Ed and I emptied out the entertainment center, moved it, vacuumed behind it and inside it and all the electrical goodies inside. They were quite dusty! So now I have a living room and dining room filled with silk plants waiting to be returned to their lofty perches after the paint dries and a family room full of entertainment gear in various states of disarray. I hope to have all and sunder returned to their rightful and happy places by tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck!

This afternoon I realized that today is Thursday. I had literally no freaking idea what day it was. I was thinking it was Tuesday or Wednesday. Imagine my dismay to find out that it was actually a day or two later than I thought it was. How did I lose all that time? Ack! I'm starting to feel senile.

Cherri and John are coming this weekend for a birthday party on Sunday but they'll get here Friday so we'll have lots of time to relax and play. I'm going to make ribs on Saturday. Weehaw! Any excuse to make ribs is a good one.

I think some of my MP3 files are corrupted or where recorded badly before we replaced the CD-ROM in the desktop computer. Some of them play funny and I know the CDs play fine so I'm thinking it must have been when I created the MP3 files.

Bookgroup on Tuesday was great. There were only four of us but the discussion was quite on topic and we had lots of salient things to say. I love it when the discussion goes like that. Unfortunately we've had a few where it didn't go as well because the group was feeling chatty but not necessarily literary. We chose the Hornby book I just read for October. I'm very excited about that because I'm dying to discuss it with someone. Especially the last line.

I've been entertaining my ears with an eclectic musical mix. Right now I've got Neil Diamond playing but earlier I was listening to David Bowie, the Big Chill soundrack, the O Brother... soundtrack, Blackhappy, Loreena McKennitt, Alannis Morrissette, Keali'i Reichel, Elvis, Cat Stevens, No Doubt, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Pink, Shakira, Styx, Dave Brubeck, Brian Setzer, the Doors, the Partridge Family and k.d. lang. How's that for variety?

Most of my sweat has dried now so I think I'll tackle the yellow. It's over 80 degrees in the house, even hotter at 13' up so I suspect it won't be long before the sweat starts dripping again. Ta!


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