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07-29-2002 @ 12:48 p.m.
Weekend Redux

Cherri was here this weekend and we had a lovely time. She got here Friday night and after chatting a bit, I told her about Jamie's celtic quilt and that totally piqued her interest as she has quite a penchant for all things celtic. I called James and she said 'come on over' so we did. Cherri and Jamie hit it off and Jamie was delighted to be able to share all her quilts and painting with someone who really appreciated the work. Cherri said she wished she could buy that quilt and Jamie said that in a year or two after the pattern is published and the quilt has made the rounds at various quilt shops and shows, she'll sell it to her. It was a very nice evening.

Saturday morning we headed off to N0rdstrom for some shopping. It's my 3rd trip to the sale there--nothing like a little overkill. Cherri bought Joey a cute skirt and jacket ensemble that Joey is dying to wear but it's too warm still so it will have to wait. It's so fun to shop with Amy and Cherri because they'll try on anything I bring in for them and half the time it just looks great on them and they end up buying it. I ought to get a sales commission or something.

That night, the whole family (minus Ed who was climbing the South Sister--a mountain) went out to dinner downtown. The food was just so-so (except my salad, which was incredible) but the company was outstanding. It was so nice to see Dad and he looked so cute all dressed up and out with his daughters. I love when the family does stuff like that. Everyone but Joey and I went to see Phantom after that and we went home to wait for Ed's return from the mountain.

Sunday we all gathered chez moi for a birthday celebration brunch for Grandma who turned 89. She was the belle of the breakfast, all dressed up and looking darling. Cherri and Joey each played a song on the piano as a gift for Grandma, too. Food and entertainment--how much better can a Sunday morning get?

Joey went to spend the night at a friend's house so Ed and I went to a home show after dropping her off. It was so much fun--there were a few houses that we absolutely fell in love with and we got some decorating ideas that were just great. I'm very excited to get to painting and redecorating. We also formulated a plan for ripping the grass out of our backyard (which on the small side) and making it into a huge patio back there with planters instead of the sodden grass we have there now. I'm very excited about doing it--the yard will be much more useful than it is now. We want to put a hot tub back there, too. I'm not sure if we'll we able to fit it in but I think we can do it.

Oh, on Friday while I was running errands for Ed to get the stuff he needed for his mountain climbing trip, I got a sudden spasm under my right shoulder blade that nearly killed me. I was struck by blinding pain if I let my right arm down or stood up straight and there I was, in the next town with Joey, trying to figure out how I was going to be able to drive home. It took me about 10 minutes of maneuvering and figuring before I could find a position that didn't leave me in searing pain--I had to lean slightly forward and wrap my right arm around the front of my body and hold onto the door with it and drive with my left hand. Joey had to fasten my seat belt for me and put the car in park for me when we got home. It was awful! I put ice on it immediately and took half a bottle of ibuprofen and laid down for awhile and that helped a lot but it still took a good 24-36 hours for it not to hurt all the time and lots of ibuprofen. My stomach didn't really appreciate that but at least it managed the pain and inflammation. Man, I hate those spasms--I get them periodically and they're awful!

So today I'm home alone while Joey is still at her friend's house. I had lots of plans to do things today but instead, I sat on the couch and wished my cramps away. When it rains, it pours! They're mostly gone now but I don't have much energy to do anything. I just want to sit around and be lazy. So I think I shall.



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