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07-16-2002 @ 11:22 a.m.
Big News

My sister is pregnant.

Until December, I hadn't thought I'd ever be able to utter those words since one sister has sworn not to have children (and her husband has had a vasectomy) and the other was determined to live life as a stepmom or possibly adopt some little waif somewhere. My, how times have changed. I'm almost as excited for Amy's pregnancy and ensuing motherhood as I would be for my own. No one in our family has been pregnant before. It's just so amazing that I can hardly stand it. There will be a child of our family's biology. And while I don't think biology is all that important, it did make me a little sad that our family's DNA was going to end with my generation.

I get to be an Auntie. Not just Aunt Lisa, as I am to Ed's nieces (which I know are my nieces, too, but they live on the east coast and we get to see them every 2 or 3 years), but I'm going to be Auntie Lisa. In our family, Auntie is a big distinction from Aunt. I'm delirious. Joey is so excited about being a cousin and getting to babysit that she can hardly stand it. This rocks.

I love my sisters. Both of them. They're incredible, wonderful, kind, generous, lovely women. Spending 5 days with them last week in Girl Town 2002 revived my spirit. Just knowing that I have these two people out there who love me beyond measure and who have known me forever gives me tremendous comfort and peace. I read somewhere that the most signficant relationship you'll ever have is with a sibling because it's the only one you can expect to last a lifetime. I have to believe this is true.

I just keep smiling at the mental image I get of my buff firefighter/paramedic sister of mine with a big, round, fecund tummy poking out. It will be so fun to watch it grow and grow and grow and to take beautiful portraits of it and of her and of her beautiful baby. I feel kind of dizzy just thinking about it. And, of course, I'll be her doula. She already told me that. Her husband wants to catch the baby, being the paramedic type that he is. With the OB right nearby, of course.

I just can't believe it.

On other news, I got a nasty guestbook entry. I guess that means I'm in the club now. At first I was a little irritated until I went to that person's diary and looked at his/her guestbook and saw it was full of retaliatory messages from other people that had received nasty guestbook entries and I saw that entry for what it was. A pathetic and pitiful cry for attention. This poor person trolls for diaries and then leaves nasty, biting messages in their guestbook as a way to get people to his/her diary or to leave an equally biting message in return. So I did the logical thing. I ignored it. Which is probably the most irritating thing I could do for this person.

I have lots of diaries to catch up on so I'll go now and get started. Ciao!


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