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07-06-2002 @ 9:17 p.m.
Where I've Been

Holy mackeral--it's been a busy week. Ed and I were part of the committee in charge of putting on a huge Fourth of July breakfast for our church and it took a lot of preparation and recovery time. And since he had a four day weekend, we took advantage of it by playing with friends, seeing movies (The B0urne Identity and P0werpuff Girls), shopping, running errands, yard work and various other little activities. It's been quite delightful, actually.

Tomorrow, Joey and I head off to Bend to have Girl Town 2002 with the sisters. Stacey and Bailey are not coming this year because of basketball camp for Bailey but that's just as well. We haven't had any sister time without extra friends for quite some time now.

I'll probably be able to do some updating while I'm there so I'll keep you apprised with all the scintillating details.

Here's a tidbit--somehow, chocolate has taken on something of a distaste for me. I've been offered brownies several times this week and the thought actually turned my stomach. This is something very new but not at all bothersome. The less I crave chocolate, the better. I had a little bit of chocolate today but it was filling with caramel and that's what I wanted, not the chocolate. I dunno--this could be a very good thing.

Tales from Girl Town 2002 as they unfold...


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